5 Latest Pakistani Dresses Collection of 2020

Are you fashion lovers and wildly wait for the latest fashion trends in Pakistan? Then don’t worry, you are at the right place to realize the latest Pakistani attire Collection. Fashion is a means that allows human expression and connects the gap between cultures like nothing else can.

The Pakistani fashion industry is advancing towards growth because of the hard work of creative and efficient designers. These Pakistani designers are designing unique Pakistani dresses collection, which is now available online nationwide.

Latest dresses collections include wedding wear, spring-summer collections, stitched dresses, ready-to-wear, unstitched dresses, festive collections, Eid collections, etc. The material of season includes lawn, linen, cotton, chiffon, net, and silk. The Latest Pakistani dresses are trending in the following styles as

  • Kurtis
  • Unstitched wedding wear.
  • Stitched dresses in seasonal wear.
  • Middle length shirt with trousers
  • Printed dupattas with a shirt and trousers.
  • Outfits for ladies and gents are both attainable by the brands.

All of these are available in a varied price range and high-quality material. Following is the list of 5 Latest Pakistani Dresses Collection of 2020 that expands with the latest trends to keep us moving. Take a look at the latest dresses collection.


High quality and unique texture designs made khadi one of the 5 Latest Pakistani dresses Collection of 2020. This brand never fails to astonish its buyers with its unique collections and eye-catching prints and a fusion of traditional and modern portraits.

Their dresses collection classifies into two categories that are ‘Classics’ and ‘Tropical Escape,’ this versatile fabric that is warm in winter and cool in summer.


Another well-reformed Pakistani dresses collection for 2020 that are available at affordable prices and has massive sales every year. The digital printing and eastern stitched and unstitched dresses reflect the specialty of Limelight.

It offers a wide range of dresses, including formal wear, casual wear, winter outerwear, western wear, ready to wear outfits, and unstitched lawn suits, etc. are present at low prices. This brand offers a wide range of eastern shirts, suits, tops, and an Interesting variety of bottoms, including printed and plain tights, trousers, and palazzo pants. Each design is full of attraction.

Maria B

It is undoubtedly one of the Latest Pakistani Dresses, the most wanted Pakistani fashion brand, based in Lahore, Pakistan. Maria.B includes the most significant Pakistani fashion dresses of lawn, linen, cotton, pet, formal wear embroidered fabric. Whether it’s your engagement, mehndi, nikah, Barat, or Valima- this brand has every type of Pakistani Dresses Collection that you will need!

Gul Ahmed

It is the oldest but most wanted Fashion Trend in Pakistan, which is the first choice of many females. Customers are always choosing Gul Ahmed lawn collections over other generic brands due to its genuineness, and glorious silhouette of buyer tastes through their designs.

Gul Ahmed is forever emerging with new color palettes invested with abstracts patterns to complete the garments fully prepared. Another cause of its fame is its affordable rates of several dress lines, which captivates various customer types. Its Eid collections are more elegant and familiar, making them perfect for the event.


Breeze is a brand of splendor and elegance. It comes out in the list of 5 Latest Pakistani Dresses of 2020, which has been furnishing high quality and distinct fabric designs for over 30 years. This brand provides a diversity of luxury cloths like lawn, chiffon, silk, organza crisp cotton, luxurious silk, and sheer organza.

It is well known for its stitched and unstitched cotton, supreme silk, organza, and chiffon work. The reason why it comes in the list of Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends is its decent designing quality.


Summarizing, This idea was to give a solution for the up-to-date and confident woman who wildly wait for Latest Pakistani fashion Trends.

Pakistani dresses are the unique clothing character of Pakistan that is traditional yet cultural. These dresses illustrate the purity of our country by fully encircled in the most civilized manner.

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