Common Travelling Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

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If you’re planning to go abroad soon, you probably already know how complicated travel planning can be such as working on online Turkish Airline flight booking, packing, getting ready, and a lot of other things. Between the formalities needed to cross international borders, packaging preparations, medical preparations and all other parts of the plan, it’s easy to let something stumble, even if you have enough experience. If you are just starting to travel abroad, it can be even more difficult to make sure you have everything on hand when you prepare for travel and when you are in the country. Whether it is your very first trip outside the country or travelling several times a year, we all make mistakes that can cause headaches and even ruin your journey. The good news for you is that with a little creativity and planning it is very easy to bypass all those most common mistakes while travelling so that you can spend time on vacation.

Always Check Passports and Identification Validity

The number one mistake people make is not looking at the dates on which the passport is valid. It is the first step before even planning your trip and checking for cheap air tickets. You cannot leave the airport without a valid passport for international travel, and paying for the rush in your passport can be expensive. Make sure you check your valid passport dates a few months before your trip so that you can get renewals as needed.

It is also important to remember that the passport must be valid until the date of re-entry into the country, not just until the date of departure. This seems obvious, but even obvious it can stumble when dealing with complex travel plans.


It is tempting to bring costumes for every occasion, but it makes pulling your luggage difficult and you can get stuck with high fees for accidentally exceeding the weight limit. Instead, pack your bag as usual and then take out half of your originally planned clothes. You don’t wear them all, you don’t have to sacrifice style and you can always do the laundry on the road. The most important thing to remember when packing is that your items are expensive with you. Most airlines have strict weight restrictions on luggage, and if you use all your weight you will have to pay extra for bringing souvenirs from your travels. Often choosing a new sweater abroad is much cheaper than paying the bonus, and the new items you collect can become part of the collection of souvenirs and souvenirs when you return home.

Booking Travel Without Comparing

If you’re the person who books your first flight by checking only one, online flight booking or holiday package that catches the eye, you’re sure to leave money on the table. The internet is a treasury of savings and travel offers, which means you spend too much if you don’t shop. Before booking any flight, hotel or travel package, compare prices on at least three websites. Travelocity, Expedia, and Priceline are popular price measurement sites, but you can also use an aggregator such as Finally, compare prices that you can book directly with airlines and hotels to see who offers the best deals.

Always go for Travelling Insurance

There are many problems that can complicate travel, in these medical matters as well as related to the logistics of the same travel. If you want to make sure that all your things are completely taken care of, you need to develop a limit plan that you will take when travelling. They take into account the living situation, it is a place where discussions about insurance are included because the insured is the number one resource, any average person can access to enable risk. If something happens to you and you don’t have insurance, it can cost thousands of dollars to cover expenses. I had a friend who let her expire because she didn’t use her; later she broke her arm in South America. It cost her thousands of doctor’s fees.

Don’t Book Your Flights Too Early

I understand that it’s easy to get excited about your trip and to make it feel real you book a flight at first sight of cheap air tickets and book hotel or resort right away. Done and ready! But this is a mistake. You will be the person who has finished paying more than others. When it comes to travel, an early bird does not always get a worm. Don’t overdo it. Wait for offers. Wait about three to four months for your flight before travelling. This is when airlines start raising or lowering prices depending on demand. For tour groupsor cruises, wait until the last minute. Companies always wait to fill boats and trips as they need it, so they offer amazing last-minute offers to fill up the unused space – no one wants to set off with the boat half full


It can be convenient to book package tours that will take care of everything from formalities to meals and then relax, but this gives up control over your experience. Always get cheap air tickets so that you may have more budget to spend at your destination. In this way, you can make your journey an unforgettable and personal experience that you value for many years.

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