Different Ways to Style Ready to Wear Shirts

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Whether you are heading out to work or going to college or even a family brunch on a sunny Sunday, being able to dress up in a stylish way every day is a skill that very few have mastered. It doesn’t matter if you are heading to a pop-up Haryali market or a casual party and you are trying really hard to pull off that “informal” look without looking as if you just jumped out of bed While ready to wear is the most straight forward dress code to choose from, it takes thought to get it right. If you’re a fan of shirts for women here are the best ways to style ready-to-wear shirts into outfits for stylish ladies – no matter where you’re going!

Pret Shirts and Pants

Styling a Pret shirt with straight cigarette pants gives a very chic and yet sophisticated look. Pret shirts are liked by women of almost all age groups. They are perfect for more or less any occasion, from wedding festivities to formal dinners. You can choose between embroidery or embellishments, chiffons, and lawns, even soft silks that stay cool in summers. You can add a flowing chiffon dupatta if you choose to complete the outfit. Paired with the right accessories and shoes, there is no going wrong there.

Kurtis and Denim

What better outfit than a Kurti with jeans? Ready-to-wear shirts and denim go hand in hand. Channel that inner diva and pair jeans with a printed Kurti. It’s a perfect look for a university or office. It works for both. Getting Kurtis online is super easy now with so much variety in online stores. Playing with different Kurti lengths and fabric helps to create a look that gives depth to your outfit without making it look over the top. You can even switch things up with statement denim and swapping joggers for stilettos.

Keeping it Comfy

When you head out for a long day at work, remember to keep it comfortable. Casual shirts for women are something to invest in. A comfortable casual dress code typically consists of jeans paired with lawn shirts or cambric shirts layered with loose shrugs. If you prefer joggers, go for it. This is what we call a relaxed, comfy type of dressing. Flats Sandals and Joggers are excellent options if you don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style. Maybe be you could spice up the joggers by getting those glittery statement shoes in cool shades of silver, gold or pick up a pair in a contrasting color of your dress. Definitely, a head-turner that promises to put a spring in your step.

Styling Summer Shirts for Women

Enjoy the days as they get warmer in lovely flowing shirts. Whether you are a fan of bold floral patterns or delicate, subtle designs, you can’t beat a cute lady’s Kurti in a casual setting. Depending on the occasion, you can dress the outfit up or down.

With an oversized belt around your waist or replacing loafers and pumps with cute open-toe sandals. Thin belts look good with any design, whereas thick ones give you a more glamorous look. For warmer days, go for printed floral designs.

Mix ’em Up

Mix and matching different prints and colors looks easy but is definitely the toughest thing to do. If you can take two pieces of completely different clothing and make them work together in a cool way, then go ahead. You have earned the right to call yourself a fashion expert. With a little help from us you can start mix and match at a pro-level.

Start by matching colors not prints. The best colors to start with are Black and White. You can never go wrong with Black and White. Remember to stick to one color palette when prints become confusing; for example, pair pastels with pastels.

To create a streamlined look, make sure all the patterns that you are mixing and pairing share at least one color that will bring the whole look and outfit together.

Remember to spread your patterns evenly across your outfit. For example, instead of layering your outfit using multiple prints like a shrug in one pattern and the Kurti underneath in another print, just keep one print on top and one on the bottom. We would keep it simple in a solid color or geometrical print over a floral printed shalwar. There are many choices in western shirts for women that can help you play around with your wardrobe. So, go out there and have fun putting different pieces together and stepping out of your comfort zone with confidence.

In Conclusion

No wardrobe is complete with a couple of ready-to-wear shirts in every season. Ready-to-wear shirts are one of the most versatile pieces one can have. We have tried to put together a few simple basic tips to change the way you dress every day. It doesn’t matter what occasion you are dressing up for; you will look fabulous, not to mention fashionable, every time you step out of your house.