Housekeeping Product List

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Housekeeping is the basic requirement for each and every office whether it is small or big all are in need of an office. There is a huge list of accessories which must be maintained for the good functioning of an office for its cleaning purposes. It can be all types of accessories from brooms, duster, wiper, cleaning chemicals and all types of room freshener for proper functioning. There are many brands that are used for cleaning like Diversey, reckitt benckiser, HUL and many more. Here we have mentioned all types of product which are required for its functioning. Officio is an online platform that is supplying all types of housekeeping material supplier in Delhi/NCR. This platform is developed by Thave Enterprises selling all types of basic office needs.

Basic products that are required for keeping the office clean-

Bleaching powder

Bleaching powder is the basic requirement in every office as it is used for cleaning thuster and clothes for the smooth functioning of the housekeeping services. It is required for bleaching cotton and linens in the textile industry. The products may be sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and calcium hypochlorite.

Toilet Cleaners

Toilet cleaners are required for cleaning bathroom and toilets. Naphthalene balls are used in the urine pot to keep away the foul smell from the washrooms. Phenyl and liquid toilet cleaners are very much important for cleaning toilet seats. These types of cleaners are also required for cleaning bathroom walls having water shades on walls.


Phenyl is mainly used as a disinfectant in offices, hospitals, nursing homes and many more places for sanitization purposes. This type of liquid disinfectant is used for providing a good smell and as well as for the purpose of sanitization.

Floor cleaner

There are many types of floor cleaner that are required for floor cleaning purposes as in which many types of pheny. That are used as floor cleaner for the sanitization purposes. In-floor cleaners there are also many types of tile cleaners. That are helpful in cleaning tiles and removing water spots or any spots and leaves a pleasant smell around you.

Cleaning chemicals

There are many types of chemicals that are used for cleaning the different surfaces as it may be used in both household and industrial purposes. Diversey is the only brand that is producing all types of chemical that may be used for the cleaning purposes for industrial cleaning.

Duster and mops

Duster and mops are also one of the important accessories in household cleaning purposes. As this type of cloth is required for cleaning and sweeping the floor and other surfaces to give a wet look.


There are many types of brushes which are required for the household cleaning purposes, it may be washing brushes, toilet brushes, jala brushes, and other floor cleaning brushes. And all of these brushes are required for cleaning stagnant water spots and other spots.


The above listed accessories are the daily requirements of each and every office whether it is small or big. And if you are going to start your own office then the above listed items are the requirement of each and every office.