What To Know Before Travelling To New Zealand?

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New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and photogenic countries in the world, and everyone seeks cheap air tickets to New Zealand to have amazing holiday time. This is something that you probably already know and probably the main reason you want to visit. Apart from this obvious fact, I want to share other things you need to know before visiting New Zealand. Some things on this list are very simple, useful tips, while others are simply interesting facts that you may be surprised at first.

These are things I didn’t know until I went to New Zealand and experienced them personally. It is interesting to notice small differences in cultures, in everyday life, in general attitude, in everything. I spent a year working, and traveling around the country, so, I slowly picked up these things and it didn’t seem unusual to me before I left. In general, this list is full of things you should know before visiting New Zealand.

These little tips, facts, and insights will give you an idea of what to expect and can answer questions you didn’t know about yet. Turkish airline tickets booking is one of the finest ways for you to get to New Zealand. When you get there, something that could have confused you will make sense now. Keep this in mind when planning a trip to New Zealand, and keep it in mind when traveling around the country.

Internet is not the Best in New Zealand

The first and worst thing in New Zealand is definitely suicide free internet. You can find cafés, hotels, and campsites with ‘free internet’, but they will probably give you a code that is good for very little data. In fact, we found better service and speed in several developing countries, so, we were quite surprised by the lack of the Internet in New Zealand. I will mention that the north island of New Zealand has a much better Internet than in the south.

Sand Flies in New Zealand

Nobody tells you about flies. These ugly insects will fly over you in the summer, especially on South Island on the west coast in places like Milford and Questionable Sound. Remember to bring a lot of powerful insects to spray or buy a few before you leave civilization to go camping and hiking. A good idea is overlapping in the evenings, covering your arms and legs, putting on socks and spraying insect repellent everywhere. Don’t underestimate these tiny pests. Another advice is to take cheap air tickets because even if you forget to bring these insects spray then you will have plenty of money to buy locally.


The second, in addition to obvious, beautiful scenery, which is quite epic, is undoubtedly local people. They will gladly come down to help you and do not expect anything in return. The indigenous Maori people have the saying “Goodwill towards others is a precious treasure” and you can see it it’s practiced by everyone here. Even taxi drivers who are rude in most other countries, but not here.

No Poisonous Animals

Rest peacefully while hiking or exploring New Zealand, because there are no venomous insects, snakes, and animals except Katipo Spider. There are no large animals on the island. Unlike most countries where you need to be aware of dangerous species when you go outside, you can check this on your worry list. In fact, there are absolutely no snakes in New Zealand. Instead, you’ll find many sheep and farm animals.
So if you are too afraid of poisonous animals and insects then New Zealand is the place for you. Get your tickets from Turkish airline tickets booking and visit this beautiful country to enjoy the beauty of nature at its best.

Coffee in New Zealand

Mark is under the most pleasant surprises: every bar, stop by the road, restaurant, hotel, and many gas stations have an absurdly nice coffee maker with amazing coffee beans. I had no idea that Kiwi is so obsessed with coffee. Even in the most crowded towns, you can find a mug that outshines most of the city’s hipster cafes. It is wonderful!

You’re Visiting the Middle-earth

New Zealand is a spectacular place to shoot the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and there are about 150 places around the country where you can unleash your wildest dreams of Tolkien on guided tours or alone. One of the most famous attractions is Hobbiton, which is located about 2.5 hours from Auckland and is located on a real, family sheep farm.

There you can visit the Hobbit holes and take a two-hour guided tour. The Tongariro Alpine Pass, known as the best one-day trip in the world, was used as Frodo and Sam’s trip to the land of Sauron. Regardless of where you are in New Zealand, you are not too far from the location of the movie Lord of the Rings.


There is much more to New Zealand that cannot be put simply in words. You have to be there to see for yourself what really lies there. Make your plan to New Zealand and take your cheap air tickets right now. You won’t regret a single moment of being there.