14 Ideas For Creative Event Signage

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Signage for events is important for many reasons, such as directing attendees, promoting a brand, or simply entertaining guests. Today, in this post, we’ll discuss why signage is important at events, what are the factors you should consider before ordering your signs, what are the different signage options available, and nonetheless, some tips to place the event signage. Read on and find out!

Why is signage needed at events?

You will likely require at least one or two signs, no matter what event you are organizing and how big or small it is. However, it is a fact that the smaller events will naturally require fewer signboards than large conferences and festivals. In any case, here we tell you some key areas that ideally require signage at an event:

  • Registration area.
  • Tickets stall.
  • Food and drinks.
  • Rows
  • Toilets
  • Scenarios
  • Mobile charging stations.
  • Information points.
  • Smoking areas.
  • Departures (both regular and emergency).

You may also want to use signage to serve the following purposes:

  • Event brand promotion.
  • Event hours.
  • Social media profiles and hashtags.
  • Map of the place.
  • Health and safety warnings.

What to consider when it comes to event signage?

Since there are so many different types of events that occur around us, the requirements for event signage change according to the events. To help you, here we enlist some important things that you should consider for your event.

1.     What is the objective of the event?

The aim of your event will influence your signage needs. For example, a fundraiser will require posters to promote the charitable cause, while a business conference will need posters from the sponsor.

2.     Where will the event take place?

Whether your event takes place outdoors or indoors (or both) will also determine your signage material. Note that you can use almost anything for your indoor signage needs; however, using durable and waterproof material is a must for outdoor signage.

3.     When can you access the place?

Usually, the events occur in a rented building, so accessing the building before the event becomes a problem, but if you can access the venue to put up signs before the event, it is great. But in case you can not access it, ask the owner to provide you a map of the venue so you can plan spots to place your signs on the day of the event.

4.     Who will attend your event?

It is always good to keep your audience in mind; however, considering the audience when planning your event is imperative. That goes for signage too. For example, suppose you are inviting business clients. In that case, you should place brand signs to captivate their attention and if you are inviting the press, provide all the necessary information about the event on the signage.

5.     How long is your event?

If you are organizing a business conference, a music festival, or a trade fair, it may last more than a day. If this is the case, the ideal solution is to choose digital displays to show different information every day, such as the daily program.

6.     Is it your recurring event?

Like events that run over multiple days, you should consider whether you will host or attend a similar event in the future. If so, it may be worth investing in durable signage that you can use in the future.

7.     Is it a shared place?

Conferences and trade shows take place at shared spaces where everyone competes for attention. If you are sharing the venue with others, you must emphasize signage that helps you differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Types of signage

Now that we have an overview of the signs you will need and consideration for ordering, it’s time to look at the types of signage available.

1.     Standees

If you can’t hang a sign, then a standee is the best option. They are portable and easy to set up, so you can move them from one event to another.

2.     Hanging Signs

An event hanging sign is one of the simplest and most effective forms of signage you can put up. You can get them in durable, water-resistant vinyl, and they’re very affordable too.

3.     Floor graphics

The floor graphics can add another dimension to your event. They are also great to provide event guests with directions to important parts of the venue.

4.     Hanging ceiling screen

How often do people look directly at the ceiling? Well, if you’ve placed a giant ceiling screen with a spread of your brand message over everyone’s head, then they might take a look.

5.     Table signs (and arrows)

If you’re short on space, why not let the furniture become your signage? The poster table is ideal for weddings and conference registration tables. You can also use branded covers as an alternative.

6.     Digital signals

We’ve already covered digital signals earlier in this article, and with good reason. While they are expensive, they look stunning and can be reused for any occasion.

7.     Backdrops

If you’ve ever been to a concert with your favorite band, you’ve likely seen some impressive backdrops. Not only are they suitable for music events, but they can significantly expand your event’s reach when captured in multiple clicks by the journalists and attendees.

8.     Exhibition stand

Although an exhibition stand is not a sign in itself, it has not stopped many exhibitors from using it in that way. Booths are a great way to create a little corner for your business when you are at a conference.

9.     Vinyl posters

Anything can be turned into a vinyl poster banner. You’ve probably seen a vehicle or two using them, but they can stick to just about any smooth surface you can think of.

10.  Graffiti on the wall

A unique way to promote your event is with graffiti on the wall. Partner with a local artist and have them create a custom piece of art. Remember to include any social media tags in the artwork.

11.  Type A-frames

If you want something less hesitant than a poster stand, try the old A-type frame. It takes more than a gust of wind to bring it down, and it has plenty of room for information.

12.  Balloons

It will be pressed to make the balloons stay still and face the same direction. But they are still an excellent opportunity to promote an event brand. Stick your logo on them, and up, up we go.

13.  Projections

If you are not allowed to print on walls and furniture and don’t have the budget for a digital sign, go for a projector. All you need is a large flat surface such as a wall, floor, or ceiling.

14.  Handwritten signs

Finally, you can go completely old-school and write your signs by hand. It has a certain charm, which is why this method is used by many restaurants, bars, and places to live.

That is a wrapper

There is broad scope for creativity when it comes to event signage. Everything can be turned into a signal with a bit of imagination and experimentation. And now, if you need the assistance of signage professionals to provide you your desired signage based on channel letters, knock at us. We are SignFreaks – the best-known signage company in Chicago. We have all the expertise to realize your signage expectations in no time. Contact us today and speak to our team of experts.