The Only Skincare Routine You Need This Winter

The winter months are drawing to a close and it is time to start your skincare routine. You have all the necessary things you need such as makeup, sunscreen, gloves and of course, a face masque if you are planning to go under the knife. But if you don’t have to go under the knife, then what is the point of all these things? Sounds like a lot to me, doesn’t it? And yes, I too think that preparing yourself before winter begins is important.

Routine for winters

I remember my first experience with ageing. I was in college and had just started university. Using Astral skincare products will help you to reduce wrinkles and it gives you a younger look. I remember going for a jog one morning and feeling really rejuvenated and well-rested. But as the winter months got closer, I began to feel a little sad because my skin wasn’t feeling as fresh as it usually does during the warmer months.

Dry and wrinkled skin

That’s when I decided to start my skincare routine for fall. I knew that winter would only make my skin even more dry and wrinkled. So what did I need to do to prepare my skin for the winter? It was really simple. I simply moisturize my skin and apply a good skin cream to seal in moisture.

Face mask for skin

I started my skincare routine in the morning. The usual morning skincare routine includes a face mask that I usually use that evening. By applying a facial mask right after you get up, you lock in moisture on your skin. In the evening, I like to use a good night cream. I find that most skincare creams don’t work well after the first use, so I always put on a fresh one before going to bed.

Use a loofah

Other things that I do is I use a daily skincare routine of washing my face and gently exfoliating my skin with a loofah. I also exfoliate with baking soda, which helps me remove dead skin cells and keep my pores from clogging up. For the rest of the day, I use a moisturizer. Again, I find that most moisturizers do not work well after the first use, so I always put a fresh one on before going to bed.

Eye cream for skin

Now, for nighttime skincare, I like to use an eye cream. But before I put on my eye cream, I usually use a hydrating mask. After that, I apply a nighttime moisturizer. The most important thing I have learned is to not overdo it with my skincare. In other words, don’t use your skincare routine for the whole day and then hit the gym and play tennis all night. This will obviously mess up your skin.

Protect your skin

If you are trying out new skincare products, stay away from the allergens. Most people with skin allergies notice that they wake up with these symptoms: red, itchy skin, sneezing, and stuffy nose. I also notice that my skin feels tight and dry. I use Allergy Relief from revival to help with my allergies. Since it is made from all-natural ingredients, it is gentle to my skin and doesn’t cause any rashes or itching.


After I apply my skincare routine to my skin, I do something else for my skin. I don’t use foundation anymore because I tend to run into dark circles when I am out in public. Instead, I use concealer to cover up my blemishes and make them less visible. When I come back in public, I just splash some water on my face and go about my business. This skincare routine you need is: cleanse, hydrate, tone, moisturize, sleep.