Top 6 Amazing Parks in Turkey Which Should be Visit This Year


sGet your Turkish Airlines flight booking right now. Why? Because these national parks the true beauty of nature that you cannot just skip. Turkey spans large regions with different climates, making it rich in geographic diversity and natural resources.

Within this framework, the Turkish government transforms green natural areas into national parks for citizens and tourists, protecting them from all types of pollution and weathering and equipping them with everything they need to feel at home.

Follow the guide and take advantage of your next vacation to visit one (or more!) Of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey.

Goreme National Park

This national parks is located in the heart of Turkey with a gigantic open-air museum. Its magical atmosphere will not fail to surprise you. In the middle of valleys carved out naturally, you will have something to savor your trip! Come and admire these rock sanctuaries and this unusual traditional troglodyte habitat.

Goreme National Park is made up of cliffs with holes called fairy chimneys with gray and bronze hues. If you have the chance, take a flight over Goreme Park in a hot air balloon and live an experience as authentic as it is incredible.

Camlik National Park

It is located in Yozgat, in the heart of the Anatolia region. This park extends over a green land surrounded by plains. In ancient times this region was a pine forest, but due to the expansion of cities and urbanization.

Indeed, this park is considered one of the most famous in Turkey. Distinguished by its rich vegetation and green area that contains many types of wild animals. Offering you the correct time of your life by enjoying nature. With its designated areas equipped for camping, numerous restaurants and cafes, and a play area for children.

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Soguksu National Park

Soguksu National Park is perhaps the best park in Turkey. Which has 160 distinct sorts of birds, the most significant of which is the dark falcon set under worldwide assurance. And utilized as an image of the area.

This park, located in ​​Kizilcahamam80 km from the Turkish capital, Ankara, spans four different biological ecosystems.

It is one of the most critical points for sightseeing in Turkey. One of the beautiful tourist destinations that allow its visitors to do many activities is walking and hiking in the most beautiful landscapes over long distances.

Plus, watch bird species, camping, swimming in hot water, and climbing mountains.

Spil Mountain National Park

This park occupies a beautiful geographical location in the Aegean region, in Manisa, known as one of Turkey’s most senior historical centres. The most important characteristic of this park is its topography’s geological richness. The diversity of the soils of its land, the variety of its vegetation, and its excellent life versatility. You can find a lot of spots to camp as well as hike.

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Karatepe Park is situated in Osmaniye in the Mediterranean area. Thought about perhaps the most excellent park in Turkey. Portrayed by its rich vegetation conveyed on the waterway banks. And the lake situated inside the recreation center is the thing that gives it a stunning green look.

Also, in its forests live many wild animals such as foxes, rabbits, deer, and jackals and many types of birds such as partridge and dilemma. Besides its fantastic nature, this park contains some of Turkey’s most important monuments dating back to the 8th century BC. Located in Turkey’s first open-air museum.

Dilek Peninsula Park

Dilek Peninsula Park is located in Aydin in the Aegean region. This parks also contains in its northern parts vegetation that belongs to the Black Sea region’s climate. This park, which includes one of the largest and most famous tourist beaches in Turkey, has tremendous international significance as one of the world’s first wetlands.

In addition to its great biological diversity and being under the international protection of numerous international agreements.

These are some of the national parks in turkey enriched in the true natural beauty that can take your breath away. Grab your Cheap Airline Tickets today because we can assure you that you won’t regret this decision.