Top Romantic Pakistani Dramas to Watch in 2022 with Happy Endings

2022 brought us many new shows and faces. Pakistani drama continues to win hearts all over the world. Many new dramas and actors have debuted this year, and fans can’t stop loving them. While this may be true, there has been a major paradigm shift in the Pakistani industry where dramas are finally ditching traditional love stories. Today’s writers and producers are keen to emphasize various story elements that highlight social issues. The reason behind this is to highlight those quirky things in society that we don’t recognize.

Sang-e-Mah: Best Pakistani Drama in 2022

We can never deny Atif Aslam’s presence as an asset in this drama series, but there is more to the plot of Sang-e-Mah than star celebrities. The play focuses on tribal families and their sacrifices in the name of tradition in modern Pakistan. The series is a sequel to Sang e Maar Maar which ended in 2017 and has been running ever since. Both shows play an important role in highlighting the ugly parts of our society that we often shy away from.

Sang e Mah pakistani drama 2022


Dil Awaiz Drama 2022

Dil Awaiz is a Geo TV project to be aired in 2022. The drama is shot in a rural setting somewhere in Sindh. Talking about the play’s cast, we have two male characters, Afan Waheed and Azfar Rahman, acting along with Kinza Hashmi in the lead role. The crown of playwriting goes to Madiha Shahid, while Mazhar Moin directed.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3

Khuda Aur Mohabbat finally aired on Geo TV. The first episode aired on 12 February. It has famous actors like IIqra Aziz, Junaid Khan, and Feroze Khan. The play was written by novelist Hashim Nadeem Khan himself, directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain, and produced by Abdullah Kidwani and Asad Qureshi. The story is the same but done differently for a completely new experience for the audience. Watch Geo TV every Friday at 8 PM.

A True Love Story – Raqs e Bismil

The play Raqs e Bismil is a story of sacrifice in search of true love. As soon as this drama series aired, the audience was surprised to see Imran Ashraf in an entirely new look. Talented actors like Sarah Khan, Zara Shaikh, Mahmood Aslam, Anusha Abbasi, Momin Saqib, and Furqan have made it the year’s hit. Raqs e Bismil is directed by Wajahat Rauf. Raqs-e-Bismal airs every Friday at 8:00 PM on HUMTV.

Paristan 2022 Pakistani Drama

The show also has a light-hearted feel with poignant backstories about the characters. Paristan has got the most recognition as a couple of Merub and Junaid Khan Niazi. Everyone loves the two stars together and make no mistake; they look adorable together. There are a lot of tropes in the story, but since it’s a sitcom, we don’t mind.

Aye Musht-e-Khaak

The drama revolves around the battle between good and evil. And it is the story of a very aggressive man who doesn’t believe in destiny but unknowingly, he falls in love with a very religious girl. A history of protest and their struggle. Which Feroze Khan, Sana Javed, Asad Siddiqui, and Shabbir Jaan are the protagonists?

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

The story basically shows a toxic relationship and follows the story of a spoiled brother who falls in love with a girl played by Salim. A woman doesn’t like a man but won’t take no for an answer. He forces her to marry. The man finds her one day and forces her to marry him, threatening to hurt her family if she refuses. Later, the girl agreed to marry him. In this series, Danish Taimoor and Durefishan Salim play the main roles.

Fraud Drama

Fraud is basically the story of a deceived man, who is shown as part of a gang that carries out the biggest deception in history, ruining the lives of many young women and their families. It is the story of a man from a middle-class family who pretends to be rich to impress women.


Sinf-e-Aahan revolves around the lives of six fearless, passionate, and headstrong women who defy convention as uniformed cadets. This is basically the story of Sinf-e-Aahan, also known as ‘Woman of Steel‘. Where Sajal Ali, Saba Hamid, and others are actors.

Mere Humsafar

Mere Humsafar stars Hania Aamir and Farhan Saeed in the main roles and basically revolves around Hala who is abandoned by her father and abused by her father’s brothers and her husbands. And the last one focuses on the love story of Hala and her cousin Hamza of her. The journey of the female lead is beautifully depicted. Also, love after marriage is presented in a sweet yet touching way in Mere Humsafar. The drama has reduced the affection of the audience to the maximum. Be it the soundtrack, the chemistry between the actors, or the male lead. Worldwide fans love these upcoming Pakistani drama 2022.

Mere Humnasheen drama n Dramatic Story

The battle between ambitious dreams, hopes, and the desire for power is well portrayed in Mere Humnasheen.

Hiba Qadir (Khajista) is an educated woman from a traditional and conservative mountain family. Her desire to become a doctor stemmed from her mother’s death at a young age, which fueled her desire to help others. Khajista is full of aspirations and visions for the future of healthcare. While Khajista’s uncle Darakhzai is a brash and arrogant boy who cares about Khajista’s higher education, he wants to keep it under her control.

Hadi, who comes from a wealthy family, is in his last year of medical school. However, Khajista and Hadi’s first meeting at the same university leaves them with mixed feelings toward each other. It stars Ahsaan Khan (Darakhzai), Hiba Qadir, Shahzad Sheikh, and other actors.