10 Impeccable Tips to Pack Lighter and Smarter

It does not matter whether you are going for a week-long trip or are planning to stay in the mountainous areas for one month; you will always need to pack a bag; rightly and lightly. When you are going somewhere through online flight booking, there are a number of things you need to think about: the duration of your trip, the weather, the weight limits, and the mode of transportation. And when there are so many factors at play, it’s easy to over-pack and deviate from the normal path.

So, the best way to deal with the pressure is to consult with the people who travel a lot. They will give you the impeccable advice on how to pack lighter and smarter. But not everyone has access to travel experts. To simplify your packing endeavors, we have interviewed several travel experts and asked them about their method of packing. After thoroughly evaluating their answers, we have picked up some of the useful suggestions that would help you to pack flawlessly. Here is a breakdown of all those tips.

1.    Create a Packing List and Stick to It

Organized planning is cardinal to succeed in every walk of life. Without a proper plan, you would end up achieving nothing. Packing is also an art that requires sophisticated planning, and the best way to do it is to create a list of the things you are going to pack and stick to it.

Usually, people randomly pack things, and when they see that there is still some space, they start packing more. This approach would cause you great harm. Therefore, take some time and pen down the important things. This thing will not only save you from over-packing but will also allow you to get rid of futile items.

2.    Choose the Right Bag

You can’t pack well if you don’t have an appropriate bag. You must be wondering how a proper bag looks like. A perfect packing bag is neither small nor too big. The more flexible the bag, the more it would be easier for you to avoid over-packing. Some people choose backpacks, while others prefer handbags or suitcases. A handy backpack is an ideal choice if you are going to the hilly areas because the rugged and craggy terrain would not allow you to carry the briefcase.

Try to find a bag with separate sections. These sections would enable you to place the things where they really belong. It would also help you to distinguish the items conveniently.

3.    Organize Your Bag Systematically

The organization of the bag is as important as the bag itself. You should be arranging commodities and items in a way that looks professional. Basically, your bag is like “home” to your luggage and it is important for you to allocate separate rooms for various things. Here, we are going to mention a skillful method which you must apply while packing:

  • Main Pocket                                    Laptop, clothes
  • Upper center compartment        Chargers, toothbrush etc.
  • Lower center pocket                      Keys, earplugs
  • Left pocket                                       Flashlights, sunglasses, pens, diaries
  • Bottom compartment                   Jacket, shirts, jeans, sweaters

However, you need to buy a backpack that must have more than five sections. In this way, your luggage would be systematically managed.

4.    Instead of Packing the Largest Items, Wear them

There is no need to pack the items that you can wear. For example, instead of packing your joggers or jeans, you can wear and replace them once you reach the destination. The nearby airport would have the same temperature as your home, and so you can wear all the things at the airport that you usually wear at home. 

For example, if you see that the weather of your destination is going to be cold, you can wear winter shoes and jackets. Similarly, if temperature changes dramatically, you can also replace the layer with other clothes.

5.    Ditch the Toiletries and Shampoos

Toiletries are the biggest source of weight when it comes to packing. Even though they are packed in bottles and covers; their liquid will put an extra burden on your already strained bag. As soon as you insert a bottle of shampoo, body-wash, and conditioner in your bag, you add a couple of liters of weight to your suitcase.

We are living in the 21st century, and in this age, all the hotels and guesthouses provide the guests with soap, shampoo, face wash, and towel, etc. It may not be a high-quality shampoo but would certainly do the job. However, if you are habitual in using only a certain kind of product, you can buy it after reaching the destination by Turkish airlines booking.

6.    Leave the Technology Behind

Even though bringing your mobile phone is necessary to connect with the people, there is absolutely no need to stuff your bag with laptops, chargers, tablets, headphones, and other technological devices. You are not going on a picnic to consume Facebook or twitter, but rather you are traveling to explore nature and discover the new avenues.

Rather than using technological devices, you ought to spend time with yourself. A simple Smartphone will cater to all of your needs as all the social media platforms can be used in it. Likewise, you can also capture the shots by using the mobile camera. Therefore, ditching these devices will not only enable you to focus on your journey but will also reduce the overall weight.

7.    Be Selective About Footwear

To pack light, you only need to bring items that you can wear in more ways than one. For example, if you bring only two pair of sneakers, not only will you conveniently hike the mountains but you will also have a choice to switch between the pairs. Sneakers are things that can be used in many situations. Whether you are going to attend a marriage ceremony in a hilly area or you are planning to participate in the bike racing competition, these kinds of shoes are ideal for every environment.

So instead of packing different shoes, try to pack the ones that could help in any environment. Females can also bring a pair or two for far-off excursions.

8.    Bring Something for Rainy or Cold Weather

Wherever you go, there are always chances of fluctuation in weather. It is entirely possible that when you check your destination’s weather, it is sunny, but it starts raining heavily once you reach there. So, it is of utmost importance to bring something for the rainy weather. A rainy jacket or a hood will save you from the intensity of the rain. Since the raincoat will be on your body, it won’t increase the weight of luggage. If you are in Lahore, you can avail of Lahore to Dubai flight deals by booking in advance.

9.    Only Pack Essential Medicines

Some people bring bulky medical and first aid kit with them. Even though bringing one would be helpful, there is no need to pack all the pills and medical equipment. Some people suffer from blood pressure problems, so they need to bring only essential tablets. Similarly, if you have problematic sugar levels, you can bring insulin with you.

Try to buy a small pot in which all the pills could be adjusted. This small pot can be placed anywhere in the bag. If you have travel plans for a week through online flight booking, then there is no need to bring the medicine of more than a week. Lastly, some plasters and bands would also be useful in case of a slight injury.

10.    Bringing Some Books Is a Good Idea

Books are the best friends of humans. Indeed, psychologists say that if a person does not read books, he does not have any friends at all. Bringing reading material is a great way to pass the time on trains, planes, and buses. If you think that physically bringing books would surge the overall burden, you can download some on your mobile.

We are suggesting bringing the books because reading is an exercise for the mind. The more you read, the more your mind will develop. Plus, books will also diversity your knowledge of the world. You can also bring a travel guide and read it occasionally.


Packing is an art that can be learned only through practice. The more you travel, the more you will be able to handle the packing complications adeptly. Visit faremakers.com if you are planning to pack your bag for your next journey

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