10 Most Delicious Foods to Taste In Pakistan

As the entire world knows, the Pakistan is blessed with the bounties of four seasons, humility, hospitality, majestic mountains, amazing landscapes, airlines services such as Air Blue Ticket Booking gives services to add the glittering in the beauty of the northern areas and tantalizing traditional dishes, while the blessed country is popular for all these things along the wide range culture.

The visitors take the Pakistani food very serious and love to eat again and again because this food is rich with the packed of all spices, ghee, and the tantalizing taste. The country has flavorful recipes, which allow feeling the regional specialties that are the combinations of the specific amount of the herbs, spices and meat or vegetables.

Therefore, each dish is the showcase of the deep history of the specific time and the versatile geography with unique taste. No doubt, the PAK Sar Zameen’s delightful, vibrant and soul-stirring. So, savor the authentic taste and satisfy your buds with the relishing blend of foods.

Trust us! The fascinated recipes and palate presentations is the symbol of the local delicacies. So, let’s ready to taste the top 10 Pakistani delicious food and make your next trip yummier and the unbelievable flavorful.


Mutton Paya or Beef Paya is one of the top ten dishes and the traditional dish in Pakistan. Paya is the leg part and considers the King of the dishes. Paya is cooked overnight and after a long night cooked, it served as the breakfast dish and even in the family gathering. PAYA is especially famous among the Lahori (the citizens of Lahore).

This is the oily, meaty and deliciously slimy taste that you should taste in Pakistan. The basic ingredients include onion, oil with curry spices and tomato that gives the aroma during the cooking and encourages your craving. After proper cooking, its cartilage surrounding becomes the juicy and chewable, while the broth red looks offer you to keep the bites into the gravy and eat it.  You can find the cooked Paya on every eating stall of Pakistan.

Mutton Pulao:

A lot of dishes you eat in your whole life, but Pakistani foods change your lifestyle and eating concept. Pakistani foods are really awesome and yummy as compare to another cuisine because it gives the complete sense of the ingredients. If you are a mutton lover and you want to eat various mutton dishes, then the Shahi mutton pulao is really awesome.

Once, you will eat mutton pulao, and then every day you want to eat. A recipe of mutton pulao is very easy and as all know the now-a-days critical condition of our nation. First, you boil mutton after boil mutton add one rice and after a few minutes you mutton pulao will be ready but don’t forget, serve it with Riata and Chutnies because these are the backbone of this Pualo.


Sajji is Pakistani’s street famous dish that is promoted from the province of Baluchistan. The whole is cooked on the coal after marinated in salt, spices and green papaya paste and the vegetable cooked rice stuff in its then cooked over coal nicely.

The tourists never stop it to eat by stopping the vehicle on the street because the combination spices aroma and burning coal smoke perfection call them and force them to come again and again to come and eat. After cooking it serves by lemon squeeze, salad, Raita, and ketchup and Khamiri roti with the cold drink. So, you must try this dish because if you did not eat it, then your taste buds never forgive you.


Kofty is the royal dish in Pakistan that is usually cooked in every house of the Pakistan. It is the chicken, mutton mince balls that are marinated with the green herbs and the spices, coriander leaves, ginger garlic paste and under in this balls the boiled egg stuffed in it, then it is cooked in the red curry and after properly cooked it serve with the hot bread and eat the tantalizing bites.

This is a very complex dish because the meatballs cooked very carefully. This dish, you will find on every dining table in the hospitality of the guests and suggestion for you never denies eating it, even in the shy.

Bar be Que:

Bar-be-que is the king of the Pakistan streets and the restaurant. This dish is also famous in Delhi and the entire nation can’t live without eating the Bar.B.Q twice in a week. From the child to the old one have the craving of the bar.be que and every-time ready to eat with a salad and cold drink.

The tourists, already visited Pakistan already appreciate this mind-blowing dish of Pakistan and confess that they just come again and again due to the flavor of the spices and the aroma of the coal making dishes.

Halwa puri:

It is another most famous breakfast in the cities of Pakistan, especially among the citizen of Lahore and Islamabad eat in breaks fast with charm. It is generally a piece of breakfast or an early night dinner. It is also eaten during Ramadan and during the occasion of religious festivals.

The flour making Puri cooked in the oil and serve with the Channa curry, potato curry, pickle, salad and the sweet Halwa. It really increases the beauty of the sunshine when you organize it on your morning DastarKhawan, while the morning restaurant and the stalls near the street also offer to come to eat and it is the ancient traditional style in this country.


Nihari is the meat base dish that originated from the sub-continent time in the Old Delhi. Now, this is considered the national dish of Pakistan. It is a spicy slow-cooked strew that gives the yummiest taste from the combinations of the meat, spices and the red curry.

It is cooked on the events and serves with the garnishing of ginger, green chilly, coriander, and lemon that enhance its thrilling taste. When you take bites on the hot bread, you will forget anything and just involve in the tantalizing taste.

Every province of this country is renowned from this dish of Nehari, but the taste of the Islamabad Nehari houses calls the huge amount of the locals and the visitor with the cheap fares of the Lahore to Islamabad flights just to licking fingers under the beautiful city surrounding.  This Nawab empire dish will fill your mouth with water and make you able to enjoy each bite.


Sweet is one of the most important and most delicious items. In short, you can say that without a sweet dish your dinner is incomplete in the Pakistan and Kheer is the rising queen on the dining table of each Pakistani house. It is very easy and aromatic dish that create lots of lover of it, even once you eat.

You also want to become the love of this sweet Kheer. The fantastic and the yummy ingredients that make it awesome are the” sugar, rice, milk, and the nuts”. This magical blend is inviting the tourists and gives their taste bud habitual to eat again and again after the dinner.


WOW, every Pakistani food is fabulous, every dish yummy and everyone, not able even copy to the Pakistani dishes, especially the Halemm. Yes, because it’s a very special and very different recipe.  This comes from the Arabian food menu. During the Ramadan and Muharram month almost every Pakistani makes its own self and distribute surroundings, relative, neighbor.

The recipe is the complex combination of the lamb or mutton or chicken meat, wheat, lentils, salt, all flavors, red bean stew, and ghee and then Haleem is left with its entire grains in a thick sauce of squashed meat. It is ready to serve with lemon, coriander leaves, green chilly flakes, and the brown onion.


Qorma is the red curry meat base dish that is the queen in every wedding, birthday events, eid, parties, family gathering and all the occasions. The blend of the meat, spices, herbs, oil, almond and the specific ingredients make it superb and sizzling. Once it’s cooked properly, you never left its gravy in the plate, the bites make you unconscious and you will eat it randomly due to the outstanding taste and the red color.  


Pakistan is the mecca of food and many flocks to the country for the history and view of culture by getting leverages from the Serene Air Flights because this is considered as the queen of the domestic air traveling, even the food served to the passenger during the flight is also the best that is abundant from the basis of the Pakistani cuisine, including lentils, seasonal vegetables, flour, wheat products, meat, oil, spices and many more ingredients that force you to finger licking after completely eat the dish.

Must pick up anyone from the above eating list and must eat in the Pakistan tour because your trip has become worth-full when you meet the taste of the five river land.

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