The Best Islands To Visit In Turkey In 2021

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If you want to visit Turkey in 2021 with Turkish Airline flights, then don’t forget to explore the islands this country offers. Here are some of the best ones.

Turkey is a magnificent country that straddles Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It’s the only country that touches continents, and you can book Turkish Airlines flights to visit it if you want. Turkey is not only known for its cultural ties to past civilizations, but it is also home to several fascinating islands.

There are islands throughout the world, but the charm of the Turkish islands is unfathomable. We are not trying to brag, but these beaches are so beautiful that you won’t want to go anywhere else after seeing them. So, if you are taking cheap online flights, don’t forget to visit the following islands.

Akdamar Island

Akdamar Island, the biggest island in Lake Van, is sometimes referred to as the island of tolerance since it is so large. You’ll love it if you are planning to book Turkish Airline flights to Turkey. Around the island, there are 80-meter-high cliffs, which provide a spectacular view all year round, but during the spring months, it takes on a whole new level of beauty with blossoming almond trees in the backdrop. The Akdamar Islands have 70,000 square meters, a coastline of 3 kilometers, and a maximum point of 1912 meters.

In addition to the Akdamar Cathedral, which has been turned into a monument museum. This Turkish island is home to Turkey’s most well-known religious sites. It makes it one of the most attractive islands in the whole country that you must visit when you book cheap online flights.

Chios Island

Combining a Turkey island holiday with a Greek island vacation to see two countries on one trip with Turkish Airline flight booking is possible. Located in the north-eastern Aegean, Chios may be reached by swimming. In addition to being one of the few places in the world where you can find mastic trees. That can produce the mystical medicine used to heal a range of diseases. This area is also known for its mastic gum manufacturing.

Known as a tear that heals and soothes, this mystical gum grows on trees in the shape of a tear. In addition to mastic gum, you may also dine out. Visit these Turkish islands on your Turkey tour with cheap online flight tickets because they’re well worth it!

Bozcaada Island

Bozcaada Island is one of the greatest islands in Turkey for travelers searching for calm. And quiet time amid the old Greek buildings and historical ruins in the environment. If you want the same experience while visiting Turkey with Turkish airline online flights, this place is for you. This lovely island of Turkey is not only the nation’s third-largest island, but it is also one of Turkey’s two islands located in the Aegean Sea.

You can find cheap flight tickets to Turkey if you are on a budget to enjoy this place. A must-see on your Turkey islands trip, the Bozcaada Islands are home to windmills, charming cottages, ancient buildings, and enchanting beaches with crystal blue seas. There are several tiny coves with sand-covered beaches on the island because of the cliffs around it.

Cunda Island

In addition to being one of Turkey’s most beautiful islands, it is a wonderful destination for anyone seeking a relaxing vacation in a natural setting. Don’t skip this island whenever you book Turkish Airline flight deals. Known as Alibey Island, Cunda Island is a typical Aegean vacation townhome to several ancient sites, including mosques, monasteries, and churches.

Visitors are drawn to the area from across the globe with cheap airline flights and others because of its magnificent natural beach flanked by neoclassical buildings and peaceful greenery of pine and olive trees. The Turkish island map invites people to the island because it is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Princes’ Islands

Princes’ Islands is the popular name for the nine islands located on the Asian shore of Istanbul. And provide a welcome respite for the city’s citizens, especially during the hot summer months. This list includes Kinaliada, Burgazada, Heybeliada, and Buyukada, as well as many others! As a result of visiting these islands with Turkish Airlines online flight booking, you will be able to escape the busy city streets and enjoy some time in the great outdoors.

Select one of the nine islands and go onboard a ferry for a spectacular view. Certain islands can be visited in a single day, although it requires a bit of rapid transit. The Princes’ Islands are hard to pass up in terms of relaxation and activity if you have the time. Despite the lack of party islands in Turkey, these islands make up for it with their lively atmosphere.