Essential Things to Know Before Traveling to Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked European country and is famous for the architectural landmarks. Its capital is Budapest, which is one of the most visited places in Europe. The country entails the influences of various cultures including Turkey and Rome.

Locals know the country from its bustling streets, whereas the foreigners recognize it with stunning lakes, magnificent churches, and the glittering markets. Hungary is fast turning into one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists. Its pleasant ambiance is the primary thing that attracts people from all across the world.

If you are also planning to come here with Qatar Airways flight deals, it is better to learn some important things about the culture of Hungary. In this way you will not be tricked or deceived by the shrewd dealers and the unwarranted consequences will also be prevented.

1.    The Country Has Central Europe’s Largest Lake

Lake Balaton, also termed as the Hungarian Sea, is the largest lake in Central Europe. It is about 80 kilometers long and covers an area of about 600 square kilometers. This lake is a popular vacation destination for locals and foreigners alike. It also has several spot where you can enjoy the festivities of life.

The southern shore is a famous party spot and is also home to various restaurants and bars. Zamardi is the nearby town where the annual Balaton Sound summer music festival is held. However, if you are with the kids, the northern side of the lake is ideal due to its serenity.

2.    Swimsuit Are Necessary for Travelers

Terming Hungary a home of hot water would not be an overstatement. You would be surprised to know that the country hosts over 1,000 natural springs, with 118 in the city of Budapest alone. Moreover, the lake Heviz is the largest thermal lake in the world, which is located near the Balaton.

So, you would face any complications if you buy a durable swimsuit while you are in Hungary. There are a number of varieties of swimsuits, and you should get the one which is appropriate for the hot waters.

3.    The Language of the Country Is Extremely Tough

The Hungarian language is extremely difficult to comprehend because of the various influences it carries. The closest relatives of it are Finnish and Estonian, which are also very complex.  The language here is so complicated that you might not be able learn even the basic phrases.

So, if you don’t know English, you are going to embrace very challenging days in Hungary. To deal with this ordeal, you must need to learn some basic phrases in English because most of the people can at least understand the English sentences.

4.    Do Not Clink Bear Glasses

If you go inside a bar, never clink the glasses as people do not appreciate it. People get offended after hearing the sound of clinking because in the 1849 war of independence, the Austria killed 13 senior-most general of Hungary and celebrated the killings by clinking the mugs.

When the Hungarians came to know of this, they promised that they would not clink the glasses for the next 150 years. Though the period ended in 1999, the ban on is still being followed especially by the elderly people. So, if you do not want to invite the wrath of people, never do this thing.

5.    Most of the People in the Country Are Unhappy

You have heard it right. Hungarians are the unhappiest people in the entire Europe because corruption, low-wages, and high taxes plague the country. Even if you are highly educated, you would still not be able to earn a reasonable salary. So, since most of the people here are touchy, this thing also makes them bitter towards foreign tourists.

Their pessimist behavior sometimes also offends the foreigners who feel that they are being discriminated. So, if you see that a shop vendor is unfriendly towards you, never bother to indulge in the argument because you will never be able to change the other’s behavior.

6.    Never Catch a Taxi in Budapest

Almost all the natives of Budapest will ask you never to catch the taxi Though there are strict laws in the country against the dangerous mafias, the taxi drivers still go unnoticed by the police authorities. They can even try to charge you higher than the usual fare.

So, you should prefer public transport over taxis. The buses in the country are not only cheap but they also offer a comfortable transportation experience. Moreover, cheap flights tickets will help you in saving your time and resources. If you have anything to ask about Hungary, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Happy traveling!

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