Explore The Beauty Of Jakarta In 2021 With Thai Airways Flights

Its a nice sunrise picture of Jakarta City

If you are planning to book cheap flight tickets to visit Jakarta this year, then here are some of the most amazing places to visit to explore the beauty of this place.

Jakarta is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia, and you must visit it by booking cheap flight tickets at least once in your life. We have created a list of Jakarta’s top locations to visit to appreciate the true spirit of the town. You can also visit Jakarta with Thai Airways flights if you want at affordable prices.

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The National Monument

Begin with one of the most beautiful attractions of Jakarta that you must visit if you are planning to opt for cheap online flights to Jakarta this year. It’s one of the highlights of the city. This building was designed to honor the fight for independence. The structure is 132 meters high. You may either have a look at this beautiful building from the ground or view the city.

In the center of Indonesia, the national monument maintains a particular place. Tourists visit this site, but many residents will appreciate the sight of this magnificent architectural wonder. If you want to book affordable tickets, then opt for Thai Airways online flights this year.

Istiqlal Mosque

The Istiqlal Mosque was constructed way back in 1978, and now it is known to be one of Southeast Asia’s largest mosques. Whenever you book affordable flights to Jakarta, don’t forget to visit this one of Jakarta’s most impressive sites. This is one of the greatest locations to see in Jakarta if you intend to go to Indonesia.

More than 200,000 people can easily pray in this most at the same time, and you can be one of those by booking Thai Airways online tickets to Jakarta. There is a wonderful courtyard with beautiful minarets and luxury marble. The mosque’s interior has Islamic ornamental styles. Every year, the mosque design and architecture draw many visitors and will certainly blow you on your way to Indonesia in Jakarta.

Thousand Islands

If you want to take a quick getaway from Jakarta, thousands of Islands are ideal. Moreover, if you like a peaceful and calming environment and take cheap airline tickets to Jakarta, this place will also suit you the best. These islands are located on the north shore of the town, offering you a chance to feel closer to nature. Although this is one of Jakarta’s understated spots, you will find many fascinating resorts and restaurants and stunning golden beaches.

These islands will allow you to dive in the Indonesian sunlight and rest for a bit and should certainly be included in your Jakarta list of locations one day. It is one of the greatest destinations for nature lovers, photographers, and travelers in Indonesia, and many people visit this site every year by opting for Thai Airways Flights booking.

Merdeka Square

It is yet another important site in Jakarta that you must visit. If you are booking a cheap air ticket to Indonesia. If you saw and were in awe at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, take this to mean that Merdeka Square is five times the size there. It is covered with forested regions, walks, and some beautiful features of water.

See Jakarta if you are booking Thai Airways cheap flights to Jakarta with your family. But you need to make sure you wear comfortable shoes during your tour. This is the best location to enjoy a day of touring around the city with friends and family members.

National Museum of Indonesia

It is situated near Merdeka Square, and you must also visit it if you are visiting Jakarta this year with a cheap online flight ticket. The museum contains an excellent artifact collection that offers a complete view of Indonesia’s history and cultural heritage. This is designed for you if you want to discover the history of the locations you visit. The Hindu-Buddhist artworks are quite intriguing, and you will be astounded by the treasure hall and its spectacular gold treasures.

You’ll be hypnotized by the collection of old pottery and prehistoric discoveries. This weapon collection gives you an overview of the country’s conflicts in past times in the final analysis. It means that this place will also feed your old soul. So, if you love history, don’t forget to visit this museum if you are going to Jakarta with Thai Airways Flights tickets or any other airline.

Ragunan Zoo

If you are booking affordable online tickets to Jakarta with your kids, the Ragunan zoo is the place to go. It covers 185 hectares of territory and boasts over 3600 species compared to other zoos worldwide. Which must be visited by wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Some of the wildlife you may see here include orangutans and dragons from Komodo.

Some local flora and plants surely delight you with their beauty. All these features make this zoo one of the best places to visit in the vicinity of Jakarta. Don’t skip this zoo, especially if your kids are with you on your trip to Jakarta with Thai Airways ticket booking.

Taman Suropati

This lovely park in Jakarta’s Mentengneighborhood is yet another great place to spend some quality time with your family. Teuku Umar Street, Diponegoro Street, and Imam Bonjol Street all intersect at the park, located in downtown Jakarta.

Enjoy the tranquility of Jakarta by visiting this location. You may rest and unwind while walking around the green parks or have a great picnic with your family or friends. Most new couples visit this place while on their trip to Jakarta with affordable online flight booking.