Guide To Choose Best Kurti For Winter | PK Fashion Trends

For Pakistani women, Kurtis is the ideal pick. A Kurti can suit women of all measurements and sizes and is available in a range of prints as well as clothes and cuts. Nowadays, Kurtis is versatile and commonly worn by young women along with women of older ages. These magnificent shirts exist in multiple styles with endless colors. Cotton, velvet, silk are just a few examples of fabric that you can choose to make your Kurti from.

When you buy your favorite Kurti, you have many things to consider. Shopping for shirts is definitely a pleasurable thing as well as an exhausting and time-consuming experience for women. Since a designer, Kurti is one of the most important things in the wardrobe for women. One should weigh a variety of factors in their everyday activities before buying a new dress including for example material, fabric cutting, age, environment, comfort, and fabric longevity.

Conversely, picking a textile according to current weather is the first thing to consider when making an outfit. Heavy fabrics such as velvet and linen are usually used only when the weather is very cold, whereas a light-weighted cloth such as cotton is best for hot seasons.

Here Is Step By Step Processes To Choose A Kurti You Desire.

Decide On Fabric For Winter

The fabric is the most important factor to consider when choosing the best women’s shirts. This step depends mostly on the weather and season you are going to wear the Kurti in. A hot season means wearing a light fabric like cotton and lawn whereas a cold season means wearing a warm fabric like velvet. Another factor when choosing a fabric can be showing off since some fabrics are fancier than others and create exceptions, a fabric like silk can be worn all year round. Silk is a luxurious fabric so wearing it as a fashion statement can be a compromise.decide-on-fabric-for-winter-womens-shirts

Buy thicker shirts like velvet shirts when shopping for a winter Kurti, however, if you live in a region where the winter season is not so cold you can pick a lighter fabric.

Pick A Color

This step will help determine the feel of the look you are going for. In addition, it will be affected by the theme of the function you are going to wear the Kurti in. A formal event will require some dull colors like maroon, black, and dark shades of colors. Informal events like social gatherings don’t usually limit you, so you can wear any color you desire, however, wearing light and bright colors can give a more relaxing vibe.


When shopping for winter shirts for women pick a dark color as dark colors absorb more light and provide more heat. This will not only give you an elegant look but also keep you warm.

Choose Your Style Of Embroidery

Resham, Kora, Dabka, and Sheesha work are just a few examples of some Pakistani embroidery styles. Paired with different patterns and colors these give every Kurti a unique look. Pick a style that suits your personality and the look you are going for. It is better not to rush when picking an embroidery pattern as it is the most crucial design element of the Kurti. A stylish Kurti ornamented with complex decorations, crafts, and prints is the main attraction of the Pakistani traditional costume so doesn’t hold back when choosing the best design.your-style-of-embroidery

Look For Your Size

To look for your size you must first know what your size actually is. Once you are sure what size fits you, it is important to pick a shirt that fits you well. A loose and larger or small size can ruin the style of the whole shirt.

Select A Comfortable Kurti

When selecting a Kurti, comfort is as important as the look of the shirt. If the shirt looks astonishing but is very uncomfortable to wear, the party wear Kurti loses its worth because you won’t be able to wear the shirt for a long period of time. Velvet Kurtis are the best solution for women who want to look good while staying warm without the worry of catching a cold in this unforgiving winter

Complete Your Outfit

After choosing an amazing Kurti, you will need to create an astonishing outfit that will make everyone compliment you. Add your own flair to the Kurti you selected by adding your favorite pajamas and pants with a lavish dupatta. You can wear a shawl if it’s too cold and wear a matching shoe. Ladies’ shawls go amazingly well with Kurtis in the winter, as it provides are a way of staying warm while showing off the beautiful embroidery on the warm and large shawl.