How Agha Ali Proposed Hina Altaf for Wedding – Covid-19 Wedding

The Coronavirus pandemic in which everyone, even in the middle of critical days. The festive parties of celebrities learning knots to start a new life, has remained in the news to this day. Of all the celebrities, Agha Ali and Hina Altaf were a wedding that got a lot of attention. The news of their marriage spread like wildfire on the Internet. And netizens had no choice but to express their views on this newlywed marriage.

Married to Hina & Agha Ali

The couple posted their photo from the Nikkah event and confirmed their wedding reports. Due to the coronavirus, they chose to organize a small Nikkah function with only close relatives and a limited number of friends.

The couple dressed in a simple elegant way to love the people in the theme. However, this news is quite incredible for fans who admit that Hina Altaf and Agha Ali will get married.

Like every detail, the couple was learned to be in a relationship before becoming addicted. But they are combined differently on different occasions, none of them admit to being in a relationship. So to some extent, this news is at the same time that fans expect rumors to follow around about their relationship.

Agha Ali proposed Hina Altaf?

After getting the news that the couple is getting married, fans are extremely desperate to know. How love turned into a relationship and then into a marriage. So in the end, Agha Ali opened the case and told the story of how he actually proposed to Hina Altaf.

In a recent interview, she said that she first contacted Hina about her views and expectations about marriage. And then consulted her parents for a final decision, as she did not want to repeat the mistake she made in choosing his wife.

The way he chose to present Hina Altaf was certainly very traditional and appropriate enough to keep things going in the right direction. So the couple is finally happily married and they are living a good life!

It should be mentioned here that Agha Ali had contacted Sarah Khan before. But, unfortunately, this relationship turned out to be a bitter end. Sarah Khan had recently become entangled with the well-known singer Falak Shabir.

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