How to Celebrate 14th August with Families in Pakistan

If Celebrate 14th August is another day off, this might be the year to spice up our country’s birthday a little more. All you have to do is deal with the green and white dress and books on the struggle for independence.

Visit one of the places like Minar-e-Pakistan where the liberation struggle took place. Take a ride to your nearby parks or go through the fields to understand the value of a Pakistani.

Minar-e-Pakistan was fully enlightened to commemorate Pakistan’s independence from the British Empire. A changing of the guard took place on August 14, and the cadets of the Pakistani Navy congratulate the grave of Quaid-e-Azam.

At the house celebrate 14th August, when the candles are lit in the houses. The women of the household prepare the halwa and make special prayers. Family and friends gather for lunch or dinner, or for an outing. Residential colonies, cultural centers and societies hold competition and competition programs.

Independence Day reminds us of our ancestors’ struggle to reach a beautiful homeland for us. The best gift we can give to our country today is the unity of the country by saving this country from the current crisis.

Most young people of Pakistan show their special enthusiasm on this day and make this day unforgettable. You can make this day colorful by decorating your surroundings with flags.

Most of us accept Pakistan because it is granted because we don’t have much knowledge about today’s history. We need to know how our ancestors got this country by sacrificing their lives and blood for a better future. Independence Day is a special occasion to pay tribute to our national hero and martyr of the freedom movement. We should also spend some time with our elders to better tell us the importance of this day.

In fact, by decorating our homes with Pakistani flags and celebrating Independence Day We demonstrate our unity as a nation and develop a sense of togetherness that unites us in harmony.

We need to show our patriotism for our country through a decent celebration on this special day. Independence is a sense of respect that not all people in the world can feel. So we should be proud of our homeland which is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Help your children plant a tree or raise a flag in your home.

Read books about the life of our father of the country Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Will help you understand the importance of Pakistan.

Find a small town that is still doing an old-fashioned glorious August 14th celebration and rejoice. Watch the parade, enjoy green speeches, sing out your lungs. When the band hits “Pakistan the Beautiful”, ooh and aah with fireworks. If you can’t find one, fix it yourself.

You can also throw in an old barbecue area on Pakistan’s Independence Day. Roast chicken, and sing patriotic songs on the eve of August 14 with your kids and adults.

Have a dress-up party with friends and family who dress up as their favorite Independence Hour characters. Play music and serve food during the festival.

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