How to Have a Sustainable Income e-Bay listings?


In order to have a sustainable income keeping the Pajama effect intact, you can easily make extra money, according to NPR/Marist 2018, a whopping amount of 69% of Americans have said they have purchased things online. Dive into this vast sea of opportunities and become a seller to take advantage of an everyday growing market. Thinking of selling the old stuff you have lying around the house with zero purposes? Well! Hop on the bandwagon of online buying and selling because 58% of Americans have bought clothes online used and new.

Due to our reliable listings on authentic market spaces such as Amazon, Shopify, and e-Bay listings, we will get you the best-selling deals ever possible. According to NPR/Marist 2018 report, 44% of Americans said that their go-to online shopping space is Amazon. Online selling provides a constant flow of income every month through every product you put online.

The process has now been made easier with the new bespoke services provided by a platform ‘ListJeannie’ which will not only help you grow your business but also take all the hassle upon themselves by listing your products.  Every year Amazon takes up the most chunk of online shoppers. In order to sell your products from electronics to apparel and beat the competition avail the services of ListJeannie. Their outstanding services will help you generate more profit through which you can build a strong online presence.

End to End listing selling solution

ListJeannie is providing an amazing opportunity for small scale businesses to flourish, gain better online presence through their quick and efficient services. Time is the essence as they say in order to save time their services have provided the first-ever solution.

Sign up and avail of our services which include taking pictures, online listings, and shipments. Listing products can take at least a few hours before you are done with the final submit however that’s not the case with their services Sign up with us and leave the rest to them. Every day they do hundreds of listings for their existing clients.

LisJeannie’s website is providing a user-friendly domain where you can easily sign up in just three steps and get done with your business. Through your preferred payment method, you can also easily get the money in your account and track your products on your phone.

Small business to online business

The best way to go big is to go online, the new success mantra lies in the realms of the online world which can be easily accessed through a few clicks. You can now shift your small-scaled business through ListJeannie and make it big in the online world.

The virtual world has become way more advance and efficient then we can think of. ListJeannie provides services that include cleaning, sorting, and boxing your products which will later be saved in their inventory until the order is placed. Later they ship the placed orders within a few hours to the buyers.

End to end solution provider for liquidation/auction business

Do you buy Liquidations? Store Return Auctions? Secondary market auctions? Dealing with B-Stock, Tech Liquidators, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Homedepot Returns, excess inventory, shelf pulls, or all other kinds of auctions. Whoever knows and worked with these sources aware that how lucrative this business model and there is so much money can be made but a million-dollar “HOW” is the biggest challenge.

Sort, Test, Evaluate, List, Storage, Pick, and ship through every Lot/Shipment or Manifest call it whatever you want is a massive time taking the job. We sell many items to the last wedge even for non-functional or broken items which still hold good dollar value in parts. A newer model Laptop which doesn’t show the display or physically broken can still hold 50-70% of the sale value, a screw set for a broken laptop is a popular sell for $11.49. ListJeannie provides you the option to upload an Excel spreadsheet or CSV files for Liquidation Manifest which will provide you a pretty good idea of the Manifest Selling price on eBay minus expenses and shipping.

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