Job Search Websites That Fresh Graduates Must Use

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Experience! Experience! Experience! How can a fresh graduate find a job when everyone is listing experience requirements? Many students are looking for an answer to this question. It is because they feel exhausted seeing requirements at the end of every job. So where are the jobs for fresh graduates? This guide will discuss job search websites to help new graduates get their dream job. So without taking additional time, let’s go into detail about such websites that can handle this problem.

Best Job Search Websites

After graduation, fresh graduates will be looking for a job. What are those websites that can help them in this matter? The answer is given below. Following are the best job search websites shared by researchers of a top academic help firm that fresh graduates can use to find themselves jobs;


Founded in 2004, Indeed is one of the largest and most popular jobs search websites. More than 250 million users use this website, and more than ten job listings are made here in a second. Although it’s not directly linked to entry-level graduates, jobs for fresh graduates can be found here. This is the best overall job search website for graduates because of its size and number of users.

Using indeed, fresh graduates can find a job in almost every industry. It has jobs related to finance, healthcare, marketing, real estate, etc.


Founded in 1995, it is only one of the three websites that post jobs for fresh graduates. According to Alexa’s ranking, it is the number job search website for entry-level graduates. CollegeGrad is ranked below Indeed because the users of this website are fewer than those of Indeed. There’s no doubt that the reputation of this website is similar to that of Indeed. But it is more oriented toward job postings for recent graduates.

The users of this website are also millions. The job-finding process here is simple as well. Just type in your location and job category, and then boom. Results will be in front of you within a second.


Founded in 2007, Flexjobs offers jobs for legitimate work-from-home opportunities. It is now the largest remote job search website. It has more than 30,000 active listings, with more than 50,000 companies posting various jobs. One drawback of this website is that they charge for memberships. They set about $14.95 for one month. But there is also a free trial there. You can use the trial version, and then if you want, you can buy its membership plan as well.


Founded in 1998, Avenica worked as a staffing agency GradStaff. But the University Ventures bought it in 2017. The behavioral interviewing process makes it the best choice for fresh graduates. To get a job through Avenica, you must fill out the form on their website. You are also required to speak with one of the staff members like an interview is taking place. Once the tea, Avenica, passes you, you will be in a position to search for entry-level jobs.


Launched in 2002, LinkedIn is now the largest professional networking site. With over 774 million users, LinkedIn offers job opportunities for almost all fields. LinkedIn is a social network with a massive database of prospects. The process of applying for the job is straightforward there as well. You need to upload your resume and answer some questions about your qualifications. In the future, if you see a job posting related to you, click on the “Apply” button. Then LinkedIn will send your application to the recruiter automatically.


Naukrigulf is the leading job search website in Gulf. This website has job listings from almost every corner of the Gulf. There are jobs for entry-level graduates, as well as experienced candidates. It has job listings related to every field. The fields include hospitality, real estate, engineering, and freelancing jobs.

Registration on this platform is also straightforward. The system of this website works similarly to that of LinkedIn. You need to upload your CV and click apply button. The website will then perform the rest of the work for you.


You should broaden your search area to entry-level jobs using the abovementioned websites. It is useless to wait for a job opening at a college’s career center. Regular job search websites increase your chances of getting an email from a recruiter. The websites don’t restrict you from applying for only one job. You can apply to as many jobs as you want.

The job search websites mentioned above are the final sites you can visit. You can search for other websites on the internet too.