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Mobile apps development is developing software to be operated generally on a mobile phone and is designed for a specific task. It is a group of programs or instructions combined to perform different tasks. And who is an app developer? An app developer is the one who is primarily responsible for developing the app, does the coding part, adds UI/UX, does the testing work, etc. 

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How is it important?

But why is app development becoming so important to us? The world has rapidly changed a great deal in the beyond 20 years. Every wealthy person on this planet started as an IT geek and became so successful. This tells us the impact of modernization, the effect of going digital, and specifically the trend of digitalization that has grown a lot more in the past two years of covid-pandemic.

When the whole world came to a still, the digital industry was running the world. How does it matter if you can’t go to your favorite café to have your favorite coffee? In the digital world, just move your fingers on your mobile phones, and the food will be at your doorstep in a while. Wanted to go shopping? But couldn’t get out in lockdown? No worries!! The mart will come to your fingers.

Everything you could have ever imagined was available online, and even the doctors were consulting their patients in online mode. To make this digital system more efficient, app development is the way to go. Various mobile app development company in USA develop apps as a source of income, and they make apps on the demand of their clients.            

Growth in recent years

If the numbers have to talk, then a report by the business of apps states that “In 2020, one of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, was a dramatic spike of demand for certain mobile app categories. The number of downloads for Google’s Meet, Zoom, Microsoft’s Teams went through the roof and, at some point, the capitalization of Zoom surpassed Boing.”

The reason for the same could be considered the availability of alternatives to every possible real thing. The meeting could be held online, and the shopping could be done online; there were more online games that one would have played in real life. “Netflix and chill” became the only source of entertainment.   

 Types of apps

As far we have seen the importance of app development, now let’s have a look at some of the prominent app types that everyone would have used at least once.

  1. Lifestyle Mobile Apps

These are the apps that a person uses to maintain their lifestyle. These apps have become more significant in recent years. People use these apps to explore and try new lifestyle cultures. This may include maintaining a healthy life, finding yourself a date, hearing world-class music, tasting different cuisines.

These fields can be explored easily by these apps. Dating apps, food delivery apps, gyming apps, and all the other various apps that introduce you to a new lifestyle come under these apps. They have been in great demand lately.

Social Media Mobile Apps

These apps need no introduction. They are already most people’s favorite app, whereas some people also. There hate it as much. The reason why everyone loves it is its vision f connecting people worldwide. It does that quite well. It not just connects them but also lets them know more about different cultures around the world.

They are a great entertainment medium, a platform to show your creativity and a place to learn something new every second. Wow!! Such diverse purposes it serves. On the contrary, the people who do not like these apps believe that these apps are so much time-consuming, addictive, and a source of unwanted controversies. Here we saw the two sides of the coin of social media. Some of the most common social media apps are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.     

Utility Mobile Apps

Utility apps are those that we use now and then but do not consider much, and they are like the salt in our lives. From dusk to dawn, we are entirely dependent on them. They are responsible for waking us up. They are responsible for remembering all the critical events in our day. We maintain our daily schedule, do all our essential works. They are the alarm clock, calculator, flashlight, and other crucial everyday utility apps. 

Games/Entertainment Mobile Apps

As said, “ Netflix and chill” was the official chilling slang of the entire world for the past two years. In this fast pacing world, we all need breaks. In the 21st century, the era of the nuclear family, less family time people need other ways of entertainment and vacation than just spending time with families. They need the “me” time as well.

These are the apps that give you the me-time. Online games and entertainment apps have become so prominent in recent times that everyone makes time for it. Games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft, and entertainment apps such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix entertained us with unlimited movies and web series when the theatres were shut down. 

Productivity Mobile Apps

Every white-collar office worker would have done work from home last year and must have indeed known the importance of these makes, the apps you can make presentations with, the apps that let you keep the official record, reduce work and improve the work quality as well. They also enable you to make online payments through your phone. The most common productivity apps are docs, sheet, pay wallet, etc.

News/Information Outlets Mobile Apps

Many people can’t digest breakfast without a newsletter. News is the most critical aspect of human life. We must keep updated on our surroundings. But often it happens that you cannot wait long for reading a piece of news entirely as one might have to leave early, in these situations the news or information mobile apps work brilliantly. They serve you with all the latest news based on the region or types of news you searched. A few examples are daily hunt, Smart News, Reddit, etc.


By far, we have seen the importance of apps in our daily life and our dependency on them. We at code craft crew make a wide range of applications on request. The user may choose the type of app they want to have for their purpose. We provide the best services, like providing all the latest and updated features. And keeping the target audiences’ preferences, choices, etc. We assure excellent customer support. We offer mobile app development services in the USA to our clients.