Pakistan Suspends Fly Dubai Flight Due To New Covid SOP’s Violation


Suppose you’re interested in booking Fly Dubai flights from Pakistan to anywhere, be cautious because Pakistan has suspended the flights. Find out here why it happened!

Uptilt now, every Pakistan could book Fly Dubai flights from and to Pakistan. But now, for the time being, it is not possible. This is because the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) of Pakistan has suspended all Fly Dubai flights. According to the official reports and news, this strict action has been taken because Fly Dubai violated the country’s COVID-19 rules and restrictions. So, in these dangerous times, it was necessary to do so.

Not only will it help the country to keep its public safe from the virus, but it will also warn other national and international airlines that such actions will not be tolerated. In this article, you’ll find all the important information regarding this topic. So, we recommend you read it till the very end to make sure that you pick the airline that you can easily travel with.

Why CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Revoked Fly Dubai Authorization?

According to the official news and reports coming directly from the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan, Fly Dubai violated the country-issued SOPs regarding the COVID-19. Therefore, people are now not able to book Fly Dubai flights till the next announcement.

The violation of the SOPs was that the airline offered seats to passengers from Iran and directly brought them to Pakistan. Currently, Iran is on the red list of Pakistan, which means that no traveler can come to Pakistan from Iran because of the COVID-19 restriction.

Rules of Pakistan For the Category C Countries

Pakistan has banned any travel to Pakistan from all the countries listed in Category C because of the increasing number of coronavirus cases.

But the Fly Dubai Flight FZ343 that arrived in Sialkot had nine passengers from Iran. So, as a result, Civil Aviation Authority took strict action against the carrier. According to the latest notification, the Fly Dubai flight FZ337 is not allowed to fly towards Pakistan scheduled for 11th June 2021.

Moreover, the country has also announced that if someone wants to come to Pakistan from the category C countries, then s/he will need to get permission, and the NCOC (National Command and Operation Center) authority will grant the exemption if the case is valid. The countries in this list include the following:

  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Iraq
  • Slovenia
  • Namibia
  • Croatia
  • Netherlands
  • Iran
  • Ethiopia
  • Bangladesh
  • Poland
  • Cuba
  • Thailand
  • Czechia
  • Dominican Republic

Final Words

Suppose you have more queries regarding Fly Dubai flights. Or you want to know about any other international or national carrier to schedule your air trip, then keep following. Moreover, you can also contact your favorite travel agency, such as Faremakers located in your area, to find out more. We hope this information will be fruitful you plan your next tour accordingly.