Pakistani Youngest Female Self Help Published Book Author


That was when I was in the FSC, all wrapped up in an atmosphere of intense pressure. Push the numbers, because all I want to do is be a doctor. I do not know there is anything in life other than medicine and technology. I tried the medical college entrance exam and failed

 This hard defeat hit me. I thought I could do nothing in life. The greatest sorrow is with me. Conflicts are now normal. The parents seemed to be the heroes who caused all this because their whole choice was to be a doctor. They even tried to replicate Fsc, which I did not want to do. The most painful event in life – Baba’s death happened. Asma Triq lost all hope. Now the situation has completely changed.

The pressure to be a grown girl, the expectation of expectations, the emotional failure, all of this happened all at once.

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Browsing Books

In this time of despair, there is a constant sense of search in my mind that fascinates me. Browsing books and sometimes the Internet, looking for solutions to become independent, depends on the desire to earn money. Over time, this dream has become more annoying and exciting. A new world with mobile is waiting for me. There is no internet at home, so now all my pockets are used to internet packages. I stopped going to cafes with my friends to save money. Thirst is more than nothing.

Financial Freedom

I listened to many lectures on financial freedom and then the most important ones were highlighted in my notebook. I still have notes. They really helped me change my mind. Instead of crying and locking myself in a room when I’m angry, I’m looking for a way to learn something new. I introduced myself to new terms and expressions. During my graduation, I wrote many books for others and made money by tapping into achievements and writing my own book.

I also achieved small successes that used to be a dream. Asma Tariq received an international award with several national agencies.

International Platform

I went to university wanting to learn more. Asma Tariq needs to get to know people, tell me about all those who have really benefited me. I started working, earning, and educating others. Last year, I studied more than 500 school and university children from all over Pakistan with the help of an international platform with friends at the university.

Yes, the destination is far away, maybe the journey has not started yet. But it is clear that we just have to think from another perspective, and sometimes a line and sometimes a few sentences become a big problem. We should also try to share these phrases and encourage others. Dropouts are often found, but we must be included in the selected cases.

Writing Rules

As I was sitting with Aas in my hand, Asma Tariq thought I might have a lot of interest in reading because I can’t talk either. So you start writing the rules. As writing became my catharsis, I began writing memoirs on a regular basis. The diary is now my companion of happiness and sorrow. I have collected many memories.

I joked that if I died, you would bury them with me. Sometimes I want someone to read to me while reading and relate my work to their lives. The above may have been heard and hope maybe fulfilled; It was the moment I decided I wanted to publish my book with my first income.

 This haste leaves some omissions, but there may be a fear that all of these writings are in fact part of the grave. So, let’s talk about hope, which is to say that hope is not just a word or a title. It is the search for a frightened person