The Best Tips to Remain Safe in Pakistan during Eid Vacation!


If you’re planning to opt for cheap airfares flights to travel to Pakistan from another country or for domestic travel, here’s what you need to know.

Eid-al-Azha is just ahead and on this occasion, many people check cheap airfares to book the best-suited flights to visit their loved ones. If you are one of those then it is important to follow all the rules and restrictions. That the government of Pakistan has announced. Not only will it help you to keep yourself safe. But it will also allow your family members to prevent the covid-19 spread. Whether you are planning to take Lahore to Islamabad flights or from any other city to another. Here is all the important information that you need to know.

Regulation by The Federal Ministry of National Health Services

by The Federal Ministry of National Health Services has issued specific guidelines that all the citizens of Pakistan must follow. Moreover, all the foreign tourists who have taken cheap airfare flights to Pakistan. And are in the country at the moment will also need to abide by these rules.

The recommendations have been provided to the general public, buyers. And sellers to ensure that the fatal infection does not reappear through not following the social distance. The papers state that there is a quick spread of new strains of the coronavirus in the nation. That must be dealt with care before it becomes a fourth pandemic wave. So, if you are planning to book Lahore to Islamabad flights then you must follow the social distancing rules.

Guidelines Regarding Eid Prayer

In accordance with the instructions, Eid prayers in all the places of the country will be offered in an open-air area, and furthermore. people must be asked to prevent crowding. So, if you are booking Cheap Airfare tickets to get back to your home from any other city, you must keep this in mind.

These instructions propose action to enable continuous and uninterrupted prayer for Eid-ul-Adha Muslims while reducing the danger of illness acquisition and transmission.It advised the public to prevent minimum essential journeys on an Eid vacation since there is the danger of a fresh COVID-19 wave.

The social trips according to the instructions on Eid should also be avoided if possible. So, it’s advisable only to book Lahore to Islamabad online flights if it is necessary. Moreover, general family gatherings, whilst the shopping of Eid should be confined solely to minimum requirements and market crowds should be avoided.

In a one-way system to prevent congestion, separate entrances and exits should be created. Hot screening at the entrance of Eidgah for all adorers. Hand sanitizer at entry/exit so that it is compulsory for everybody to use before entry and departure. To cover the nose and mouth, every individual must wear a face-surgical mask correctly. Mark prayer areas clearly with equipment to make it simple to follow social spacing of three feet.There are no mosque tapestries or mats to put in.

Social Distancing

According to the officials, social distancing must also be followed at all costs. Whether you are booking cheap airfare flights to your home city or anywhere else you just need to follow the guidelines. The government has also instructed that buying and selling of goods as well as cattle should be done online in the areas where it is possible. Where it is not possible, the areas of cattle markets must be wide enough so that people can retain their social distances.

The official authorities are also instructed by the government that all the markets must be placed under their control while the animal sellers allocate space. All sellers should observe precisely the principles of social distance. You might also need to go through the entrances with thermal guns of different avenues. Such as airports, markets, cattle mandis, where the authorities will check your temperature. So, if you want to book Lahore to Islamabad online tickets you need to keep that in mind.

The authorities will also ensure that no public place is crowded and people will only be allowed to meet and greet in very small groups. Moreover, all the guidelines must also be publicly displayed where people can read them easily especially in open public areas.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Rules

If you are planning to travel with affordable online flights on this Eid then you will need to take care of the disinfecting and cleaning rules more than ever. The government has instructed that the most helpful technique to remove germs from the surfaces is the cleaning with soap and water, followed by rinsing and drying. These practices will be strictly followed in all public venues including airports, flights, and markets.

The danger of virus transmission can be further reduced by disinfecting or utilizing chemicals to destroy bacteria on the surfaces. Wait for the time necessary to guarantee that the surface germs are killed after using a disincentive agent. It is recommended that you keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you if you are booking online Lahore to Islamabad flights.

Current Covid-19 situation

According to the NCOC (National Command and Operation Center). The virus-positive rates were recorded at 2.2 percent by the start of this month. It is important to note that the active cases have also climbed. Pakistan has recorded 958,408 cases, but following the recent additions, the number of deaths has reached 22,321.

It is a big reason to follow the rules and regulations on this Eid. If you are checking affordable airfares to travel to your loved ones. Keep in mind that traveling is only advisable if is it necessary. And if you do then don’t forget to follow the rules that we have mentioned above.


In the meantime, vaccinations are being given to the citizens of the country and the progress is going decently. According to the rules, the restrictions for the people. Who have been vaccinated will not be as strict as compared o the non-vaccinated citizens. So, it is also recommended to get your vaccination as soon as possible.