The Little-Known Tourist Attractions in Pakistan


Pakistan is a magical country whose magic transcends international boundaries. The country has everything when it comes to tourism. There are only a few countries in the world that can cater to all kinds of tourists. Whether you want to witness the hustle and bustle of the cities or you are interested in experiencing the serenity of hilly terrains, the country has everything to fulfill your cravings.

Though most of the tourist attractions in Pakistan are well-known, there are some hidden gems that nobody knows about. Even the citizens of Pakistan are unaware that such places exist. Today, we will take you to the journey of little-known places in Pakistan with PIA flight booking, which are equally beautiful and stunning. We are optimistic that our efforts will make these places somewhat more famous in the eyes of public.

1.    Gorakh Hills

Gorakh Hills is located in the Dadu district of Sindh. We know that Sindh does not pop into the heads when we think about the tourists spots. However, there are some unique gems in the province that compel the tourists to go there. Goarkh Hills is one such place where all the charms are assembled.

It is famously called the Murre of Sindh because it is located at an elevation of 5,689 from the sea level. It will take you about 8-10 hours to reach here. A weekend retreat would be perfect here as the weather remains chill and moderate throughout the year.

2.    Bhit-Khori

Bhit-Khorti is not the name of a new currency. Rather, it an isolated place 45 kilometers away from Karachi. Once again, it is great win for the people of Karachi. Never forget your camera behind while you go there because without taking the pictures, your journey to Bhit Khori would be futile.

It will help you embellish your Instagram profile with towering mountains and scenic beaches. If you come here at night, you will be enthralled with the abundance of starts overhead. You can reach here from Karachi in only two hours. Therefore, you should leave Karachi before visiting this little-known heaven. 

3.    Astola Island

If you look at the picture of Astola Island on internet, you will probably think that it is a beach from Bali. Such is the beauty and impressiveness of this Island. You can easily access this island from the port of Pasni, which is located in Baluchistan. From the port, it is only a 5-hour boat ride.

Once you come here, you will have plenty of options to enjoy, such as eating, hanging around and walking along the shore. In nighttime you can also light a fire. The island is not only light on your mind, but it will also be light on your wallet. So, you must explore this hidden gem of Pakistan if you ever come to the Baluchistan province.

4.    Moola Chotok

Located in Khuzdar, Balochistan, Moola Chotok is a hidden ravine that leaves its viewers spellbound. The beauty of this place is enhanced by a number of waterfalls that meet at the Moola River. The place is so obscure that even the people of the province do not know about it, let alone the people from other regions.

The pristine water in the backdrop of lush green trees is worth watching. In summers, the place becomes very hot, whereas the winter brings the chilling cold to this area. So, the optimal time to come here is between March and May when the temperature remains moderate. You should first reach Quetta by booking cheap flights tickets to visit the Khuzdar district.

5.    Soon Valley

If you haven’t already visited this place, you should head there very sooner! Located in the Khushab district of Punjab, the Soon Valley is a hidden gem that has not seen so many visitors. Its several lakes and gardens, which date back to Mughal Era, will undoubtedly make you nostalgic.

Amazingly, the valley offers a plethora of entertaining activities for the tourists including boating, camping, and fishing. Soon Valley is also a home to the various species of migratory birds as they pass through the valley in different seasons. The mesmerizing scenes of this valley will make you fall in love with its landscape.

6.    Hingol National Park

This park is neither a Grand Canyon nor the Meteorite Crater. Indeed, it is magical place that has its own charm and splendor. The park is located near the Makran coast in Balochistan. Despite the remarkable beauty of the park, it is so unfortunate that only a few people know about it. It is certainly not a justice to the magnificence of this place. The park also has two stunning monuments, whose names are “The Pakistani Sphinx” and “The Princess of Hope”.


The only way to unveil the hidden places is to publicize about them. And it is what we have done today. We truly hope that in the years ahead, these places will not remain hidden from the eyes of public.

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