The Masculine Way of Wearing Bracelets

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The blend of bracelets and men is a complex one. However, in the recent few years, the fashion trend of men’s bracelets has risen in popularity. Specifically for fashion enthusiasts. Whether it is braided cord or leather band, metal cuffs to wooden beads, the global fashion legends, and celebrity stars are showcasing their wrist game and wearing the bracelet.

However, there are still some rules for this game. The secret is to get a bracelet that does not look like you have gone through a woman’s jewelry collection. You should get bracelets that are masculine and attractive, made from resilient materials and they should have colors that are eye-catching and can be paired with other bracelets.

This type of wrist jewelry will increase your wardrobe aesthetic. Moreover, this wrist candy is simpler and way less difficult. Your fashion profile will be boosted by this trick. Below is our guide to the men’s best bracelets at Buy any bracelets from the below options to sweeten your wrist.

1. Metal Chain and Cuffs

The metallic bracelets brimming with military tradition are the most famous because of their ruggedness and minimalism. The history of metallic chains and cuffs is a testament to the popularity and demand of this bracelet.

It is essential to buy a particular ID bracelet that tops the masculinity spectrum due to the silver-tone shade and bulkiness. Wear the metal chain on their own. It is better to wear a metallic bracelet on your right-hand wrist if you are wearing a watch on your left wrist.

Moreover, the shade of the metal should be matched with the watch in order to create a clean look to your accessories profile. When it comes to metal cuffs, you should not purchase one which is similar to a bangle. Oxidized design or burnished metal makes the metal cuff look very masculine. Matching a metal cuff with a leather one adds a factor of ruggedness on the wrist. Moreover, it is an excellent way to boost the texture and layers of accessories.

2. Leather Band Bracelet

Similar to metal, leather is masculine and you can definitely play around with this material. The bigger cuffs are usually considered more casual whereas thinner, fragile bracelet categories are way more fashionable.

Leather bracelets can be crafted or woven. It can be only one piece of leather that wraps one or two times around the wrist. Afterward, it is fastened or tied using a clasp fastening or a press stud.

Moreover, as opposed to metallic bracelets, leather beautifully complements the watch dials, if you happen to layer your watch with the bracelet together on the same wrist.

3. Fabric Woven Bracelet

Just like the leather type mentioned above, the fabric bracelet is highly popular. However, its polyester or cotton material blend makes it way more affordable as compared to animal hide.

Moreover, pattern and shade are some of the aspects in which the fabric woven bracelet excels. You can choose a shade which pairs with a tie or pocket square while wearing a suit or cotton shorts is an excellent choice.

Fabric woven bracelet is made to be layered with a watch or pair with a ring. You can look appealing if you wear a metallic or leather bracelet along with it. This will fulfill all your masculine bracelet requirements.

4. Hybrid Charm Bracelet

This bracelet type differs on the brand and event. However, the hybrid charm bracelet usually contains a simple bracelet band either made of fabric or leather with a bold metal feature. The clasp fastening of the bracelet can be metallic or it is attached to a metal tone charm.

The hybrid style is the most appealing because of its metal component and material. If the hybrid charm bracelet boasts a shiny metal charm with a brightly colored edge or a glittery clasp fastening, adorned with a prominent motif (can be a flower, insect, or anchor), it will look even better.

5. Bead Bracelet

In the past seasons, the bead bracelet has gained the top position in being the most famous wrist accessory for men. This popularity is due to its huge variety. From luxurious crystal to wooden types to something ethnic to glass or bone variants, you can get any type of bead for perfectly matching your personality, mood, dress, and aesthetics. You can also find old plastic beads and other super affordable options. The variety is literally endless!

The beads look excellent when they are stacked or layered upon one another. A pro tip is to blend varying sizes, patterns, tones, and materials to come up with a unique combo that totally clicks with you. When it comes to a formal or fancy occasion, you should choose minimal and monochrome beads. When it is the summer season, you will most likely have to go to weddings or races. These occasions demand more textures and colors. It is best to choose the colors from the dress you are wearing to the particular event. This will make the bracelet look more attractive.

FAQs on Men’s Bracelets

1.   What is the method of wearing a men’s cuff bracelet?

In order to look cool with a cuff bracelet, you should follow the minimalistic rule. Both metal and leather options are decent but look for a wide bracelet as compared to a thin one. Moreover, make sure it coordinates or pairs perfectly with the watch you are wearing, in case you have one. Silver is the safest and fireproof option. For the second and third ranks, it is leather and gold.

2.   What is the method of wearing a men’s bracelet with a watch?

The usual rule of design is to wear a bracelet on the opposite wrist on which your watch is located. However, some men think that it is chic to wear tons of bracelets (a blend of braided leather and cord) which they wear on the same wrist as the one with the watch. But this is only if these accessories complement the shade of the watch or the materials used.