The Most Effective Myopia Reduction Tips For Children


Myopia is the most common eye defect in children because of their irregular living habits with too high an intensity of study and improper entertainment with electronic devices.

Therefore, parents often have headaches because their children can quickly increase their speed, affecting their visual health and learning. Do not worry; parents can try the most effective natural myopia reduction tips for children below, and the children’s competition will be greatly reduced.

Eye roll exercise and neck massage

The first exercise is quite simple; you have to let your child practice regularly to see the effect. First, the mother holds the children’s heads in place and then instructs them to roll their eyes to the left 25 times. Then, change direction, instruct your children to roll their eyes to the right 25 times.

When the children turn to the left, the mother should keep the children’s heads not turned to the left. With the direction of turning her eyes to the right, the mother also exercises the children with the same posture.

Next, the mother begins to practice for the children to roll their eyes from top to bottom. Similar to the secret of rolling eyes in the left-right direction, instruct your children to roll up 25 times and turn down 25 times in a row.

You have to remember that when your child rolls his eyes upwards, try to keep his eyes looking up, but don’t raise his head. The same goes for the downward direction of the eye.


  • While rolling your eyes, force your children’s eyes to look as far as possible.
  • Do this exercise for your children in the morning and at night two times a day. Do not interrupt any training session; persistently training your eyes regularly every day will bring better results.
  • When applying the method to reduce myopia with the above eye exercise. The children may feel the back of the neck is irritated and a bit tired.
  • Mother is forced to use her hands to massage and rub the nape of the children’s neck for about 3-5 minutes; the child will be less tired and feel his eyes are brighter, much healthier.

Change your diet

In addition, the mother is forced to supplement the children with golden foods that are good for bright, healthy eyes. The mother also forced her to practice the habit of drinking carrot juice mixed with a few drops of olive oil every day. This way not only helps the children’s eyes brighter but is also very good for general health.

After the children come home from school, the mother is forced to wash the children’s eyes with warm water or physiological saline to clean the contaminated dirt.

Mothers are forced to give children a good and nutritious diet by adding nutrients that are good for the eyes, such as vitamins A, B, D, E… And minerals such as zinc, beta carotene, chromium, selenium … Mothers can buy vitamin E supplements for brighter eyes. Mothers can use discount codes and coupons for vitamin E on when making purchases to save costs most effectively.

These substances support blood circulation easily, reduce fatigue, dry eyes, and help stabilize vision and eyes become brighter and healthier. Teach your children to eat lots of dark-colored vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes, spinach, beets, pumpkin, chicken, beef, pork liver, eggs, salmon…

Exercise “Trataka”

To improve the ability of the eyes to focus, Indians often apply the “Trataka” exercise. This is considered one of the most effective yoga exercises to reduce myopia in the eyes. Let the children focus on a small object fixed on the floor or a table (such as a candle or a dark spot) until the brain records a clear image of the object.

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Accordingly, the children will focus on a small fixed object (such as candlelight, a dark spot) until the brain recognizes the clear image of that object as complete.

When you look at it for a long time, tears will come out now. Let your children close their eyes and rest for a while. The purpose of the exercise is to test the strength of the eye until the children tears. Practice hard to see better results.

Practice good habits for your eyes every day

Parents are forced to help their children change their study habits:

  • Mothers must pay attention when children learn, especially when in contact with computers, instruct them to keep the “safe distance” for eyes from 30-35cm. This will help your children’s eyes get less tired, and this is the easiest way to keep the eyes from becoming more intense.
  • In addition, the sitting posture to study greatly affects the eyes of children. Because when the children do not sit upright and change sitting positions continuously. The children’s eyes will adjust a lot, making myopia increase faster. So, guide your child to sit up straight, keep his body balanced when studying. And working to ensure that his eyes do not have to increase.
  • At the same time, it does not affect the spine, helping the child concentrate more on learning. Mothers should buy specialized chairs when using computers to help children limit severe nearsightedness and help them sit more comfortably. These chair products are popularly sold with many discount codes,

Daily routine:

  • According to the doctor’s advice, the mother is forced to limit glasses for the children. If the child has myopia less than 0.75 degrees, it is not necessary to wear glasses regularly. Suppose your nearsightedness is from 1-2 degrees.
  • In that case, you only need to wear glasses when looking at distant objects such as driving, reading, and working on the computer, to limit the eyes’ accommodation.
  • Avoid letting your children watch the computer, phone, or TV 2 hours before bedtime. At the same time, limit the time your children wear glasses. Must wear glasses only when sitting in the car, reading, and working on the computer.
  • Every day, the mother is forced to let the children look away for at least half an hour when walking or in the open air. For example, the mother can direct the children’s eyes to look at the trees. The roof of the house as far away as possible, paying attention to focus on one point.
  • The trick to making this secret to reduce myopia effectively is to buy items that your children like to put at a distance. What kind of thing the children like, the higher the concentration on that item and the longer it lasts.


Above are some of the most effective myopia reduction tips for children. As long as you diligently practice for children a daily routine for my eyes. I guarantee that in a while, their eyes will no longer increase continuously! Good luck.