Top 10 Fashion Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020



Fashion is something you can style yourself differently and it is a hot topic nowadays fashion is something that we talk about every day. And it is miles away in a popular way in which one reflects tangibly on life, the context, the lifestyle. To keep up with the pace of the industry within the fashion company, Pakistan also goes hand in hand with the global industry and makes a good name within the fashion company.


In the past ten years, the Pakistani fashion company has achieved a lot. The Pakistani style industry mainly refers to the clothing manufacturers and the ethnic clothing industry. There are many famous designer brands in Pakistan.

There are many best clothing brands in Pakistan running for the growth of the financial system and helping to improve the country and the economic system. When we talk specifically about clothing brands in Pakistan, many manufacturers promote cultural and traditional clothing.

We have no trouble finding men’s and women’s clothing under one umbrella, many clothing brands in Lahore work for every gender. Many global celebrities sell well-known clothing brands in Pakistan, such as Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kate Middleton and more.

In this part of the writing, we will explain to you some names of Pakistani manufacturers and their unique specifications and locations, and how they contribute to creating a state proud of many international levels by highlighting the very good part of Pakistan.


There are many well-known fashion designer brands in Pakistan working on the development of the fashion industry.

Family Designer

Kapray’s designer is one of the best clothing brand names within Pakistan’s style line. If you need traditional or custom men’s and women’s clothing, you can undoubtedly opt for the unique option. The Kapray designer now has a history of not compromising the efficiency of their garments, and this outstanding emblem works seamlessly and elegantly to provide style and efficiency under one roof.

Growth Earns Money

The Kapray designer is considered to be one of the best and most credible clothing manufacturers in Pakistan along with the range of girl clothes. The Kapray designer gracefully contributes to the bigger picture of the Pakistani fashion company by providing elegance and elegance in a variety of clothing.

Sapphire Brand

Sapphire is included in the top ten list of ten manufacturers, Sapphire has placed itself elegantly and gracefully on this list during this time. This brand has been active in women’s fashion in combination with men’s style goals since 2014. Sapphire offers modern and stylish clothing at a minimal price. You can go here without problems daily, birthday party, formal or casual.

Junaid Jamshed Brand

Junaid Jamshed is a sought after the emblem of the famous student Junaid Jamshed since 2002 and this brand is also known as “J.”. J. has made himself the top 10 menswear manufacturers in Pakistan in a very short time. Now J. released the makeup, a perfume series on the side of men’s and women’s clothing. It is a fully known brand in Pakistan.

If you’re looking for a traditional look, miles are the first-class alternative where you can buy clothes. Generations of clothing offer tailor-made clothing and they have introduced glamorous clothing every season. Generations are known for their socially responsible advertising and marketing campaigns, which is a plus for its promotions on the side of their excellent fine clothing style.

Khaadi Brand

Khaadi gracefully walks with the conventional. Khaadi has embraced the entire Pakistani fashion company with exclusive and contemporary clothing and this logo has created a unique place in people’s hearts with the signature. It has branches in the UK, USA and the center of the east to sell the Pakistani fashion industry with charm.

Sana Safinaz

This girl’s brand has historically grown within the women’s fashion industry as it was considered in 1989. This brand is also a wonderful example of women’s empowerment in Pakistan’s fashion industry since Sana Safinaz was led with the help of two female children through a joint venture. This logo is known for the Eastern and Western clothing ranges with stylish cuts and that they are perfectly healthy for the stylish women of Pakistan.

Gul Ahmad

Gul Ahmad is one of the best clothing brand manufacturers in the Pakistani style industry. Gul Ahmad’s other call is “Quality”. Pakistani girls appreciate this emblem to get different types of clothes with stylish and stylish prints. Also, Gul Ahmad offers a variety of menswear, and you can find stitched and unstitched clothes from here without any problem.


Alkaram has also made itself within the well-known logo list of the Pakistani fashion company. It is a well-known brand in Pakistan. This brand operated in Pakistan in 1986. From here you can straighten formal, semi-formal or daily straight in stitched or unstitched range for men and women respectively.


If you are looking for stylish cutouts with modern clothes, this is the perfect environment to buy your garments. Lulusar specifically offers a variety of Western clothing and they want to run urban women and students. So Lulusar is a sophisticated region to buy modern western women of different styles that meet the demands of Pakistani traditions and traditions.

Mary B.

Maria B. entered the style industry in 1999 with new fashion trends and cuts for women. This emblem is also the percentage of the first degree of empowerment of girls in Pakistan as the owner of this logo is female. Maria B. offers formal and semi-formal women’s clothing. Today Maria B. added her fragrance range and brought her symbolism to Paris, Italy and the UK.

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