Top Turkish Clothing Brands 2022 in the World

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Turkey is a fascinating country located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is the most crucial country in the world, known as Anatolia. Since the beginning of human history, Anatolia has been home to many cultures and civilizations, such as ancient Greece, the Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires.

Damat Popular Brands

It was one of my favorite brands in the early years of my professional life. Damat Tween specializes only in men’s clothing and is one of the most popular brands in Turkey.

They are designed for all budgets. They have the best luxury clothing and accessories as well as affordable clothing. His famous clients include Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, and Portuguese football coach Jose Mourinho.

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Herry – Women’s Clothing Brand

Herry is one of the best Turkish brands. The history of the Herry brand began with the opening of a women’s clothing boutique in Istanbul in 1992. Since then, Henry, the Prime Minister of Turkey, has continued its path as one of the best women’s Turkish clothing brands. Herry is the first choice of stylish women at home and abroad who value and appreciate fashion with its creative and innovative modern designs.

Beymen Brand in Turkey

Beymen was the first menswear brand founded in 1971. Over the past decades, the brand has taken ambitious steps to expand its range. Today, the brand produces unique products for homewear, womenswear, cosmetics and accessories.

As a company, Beymen was Turkey’s first luxury retailer and remains today his market leader in this category.

In addition to Beymen branded products, Beymen has exclusive rights to sell world famous fashion brands in Turkey. These brands are Saint Laurent, Valentino, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chloé.

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KAYRA – Best Clothing Brands in Turkey

19982 KAYRA brands launch and it is one of the best clothing brands in turkey. In 1992, the company started manufacturing clothing. Kayra is one of the leading companies in Turkey and its annual production capacity of 500,000 for customers around the world.

Gizia – Best Online Store for Turkish brands

Born and raised in Istanbul, Gizia is known worldwide for designing incredibly elaborate haute couture. Each piece in the Gizia collections is individually designed by designers who take inspiration worldwide.

Gizia is an internationally renowned brand for its haute couture design born and made in Istanbul. Each product and part of the Gizia collections are individually and specially designed by inspired designers worldwide.

Dermod Brand

No doubt, turkey country is one of the best and largest producers of pure leather fashion in the world. Increased tourism in this cold country has also played a role. As a result, there are many leather fashion stores around tourist destinations.

Dermod is one of the leading brands and retail chains in the leather fashion category. They provide high-quality products and footwear. Dermod also has 110 stores in Turkey.

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Cotton –  Stylish Clothing Brand in Turkey

It has one of the largest retail chains in Turkey. Cotton makes stylish clothing for all members of the family. This brand is my favorite because most of their fabrics are made from cotton. And it can be hard to find clothing made from pure Cotton.

With its creative, innovative, customer-focused, and technology-focused approach, Cotton’s policy is to bring seasonal trends together with authentic designs and offer them for sale in convenient locations and at attractive prices.

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Sarar – Turkish Brand

Sarar is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Turkey. They have five textile factories and more than 5000 workers. They have more than 180 stores and 800 points for their brands. It has 85 stores outside of Turkey, mainly in Europe and the United States.

Sarar is known as one of the most expensive clothing brands in Turkey. They have also recently started manufacturing high-quality home decor and fabrics.

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Ipekyol – Urban Woman Brand:

Ipekyol was opened in 1989 and as one of the most successful clothing brands in Turkey. Ipekyol has 242 fashion stores in Turkey and 48 fashion stores in 10 countries. Inc. Has branded the successful women of the city. Although Ipekyol’s design is liberal, it is also successful in conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

Such was the success of the Ipekyol shopping experience; Garments include sportswear, shirts, knitwear, jackets, shirts, tops, sweaters, skirts, jackets, pants, swimwear, leggings, hats, sweatshirts, underwear, lingerie, and clothing such as scarves, belts, bags, and glasses.

Kigili Brand

Kigili is a menswear brand. The brand designs are a mix of casual and professional designs. They strive to meet all the fashion needs of modern men.

Kigili manufactures quality suits with comfortable designs. The Kigili collection includes a wide variety of designs and accessories for menswear. Kigili produces 6,500,000 items per year. Turkey has 225 outlets and 101 outlets in 21 countries.

Roman: Luxury Clothing Brand

Roman began his journey in 1980 by focusing on high-quality, durable garments. It quickly gained recognition for its high design collections and is now one of the world’s leading luxury clothing brands. Products range from everyday wear to cocktail and evening wear, and one of their target markets is confident women who follow trends and don’t compromise on style.

Desa is a Turkish brand

Desa is a Turkish brand best known for leather clothing and footwear. Everyone can buy a wide range of home textiles and all types of clothing. Yes, you will find that they are great for your skin. But they also produce other high-quality fabrics, such as cotton shirts for men and women.

Desa is one of the favorite and most affordable quality brands. There are over 100 stores in Turkey and two stores in London.

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