Everything You Need to Know About Travel Guide To London in 2021


If you plan to visit London this year with PIA for a short time, follow the itinerary that we have prepared for you in this article.

Are you going to London for two days by booking flights to London? You have come to the right place to see as much as possible. To help you prepare for your stay, we have put together an ideal itinerary for visiting London in two days. We will start by giving you my best tips to avoid queuing at tourist attractions. You will see, with our advice, you will save a lot of time during your weekend in London.

We then will continue with a detailed program for the two days to optimize your visits. Everything is, of course, accompanied by my advice and tips to make the most of your short stay.

The best itinerary

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter with our 48hours London itinerary! To establish this program of day-to-day visits, we started with the fact that you are spending two full days in London.

The Historic Center: Day 1

Big Ben

It was impossible to spend two days in London with flights to London without seeing one of the most important emblems of the City the famous Big Ben. Famous the world over, this immense 106-meter -high clock tower is part of Westminster’s Palace, also known as the “Houses of Parliament”. Contrary to what most people think, Big Ben is not the name given to the tower but the name given to the bell inside, which rings every hour.

The tower itself is called the Clock Tower, and it has at its top, on each side, four clocks of 7 meters in diameter each. You will find the Clock Tower on the River Thames banks in historic London. You can also admire the Houses of Parliament and their Gothic architecture.

Westminster Abbey

A short walk from Big Ben, you can visit Westminster Abbey, one of the City’s great historical monuments. This abbey was the coronation of multiple British sovereigns whose tombs you can see inside, including Marie Stuart. We advise you to opt for an audio guide to enjoy a really interesting visit.

Several circuits to choose from are available, including a 30-minute visit, a one-hour visit, and another fun trail for children.

Buckingham Palace

Second unmissable stop on your 2-day visit to London. The palace is located just a few steps from Big Ben, and we advise you to get there around ten or 10:30 am to witness the changing of the royal guard.

This spectacular and solemn ceremony, to the rhythm of the fanfare, takes place every other day are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The parade starts at 11 am, but it is better to arrive a little earlier to have a good seat as the event attracts many tourists every day.

London Eye

After this visit, we suggest you come back to the historic center for the fourth stop of your 2-day stay in London: the London Eye. From Trafalgar Square, you can get there in 10-15 minutes on foot or by bus. The London Eye is, in fact, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, and you have surely seen it in the morning since it is located right next to Big Ben on the banks of the Thames.

A ride in this giant wheel will allow you to enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the entire City at more than 130 meters above sea level. You must reserve your seats in advance for this activity.

Activities: Day 2

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Let’s go for this second day of your trip if you’re taking flights to London this year. We suggest you spend in the City district. London’s business district also has some must-see historical monuments. To start the morning, we have planned for you a visit to Saint Paul’s Cathedral. This baroque cathedral was built in the 17th century to replace the old church destroyed by the fire of 1666.

It is one of the historical monuments not to be missed on your two-day itinerary in London. During your visit to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, you will have the opportunity to see the following:

  • The magnificent nave
  • The mysterious gallery of murmurs
  • The Stone Gallery
  • The Golden Gallery
  • TheCrypt

The City

We suggest you grab continue the morning with a short tour of the neighborhood on foot. The City is also the geographic center of London with plenty to see. Therefore, it is the opportunity to take a pleasant walk there to admire the buildings, the streets, meet the English business-women and men and enjoy the atmosphere. You will, of course, not be able to miss the emblem of the district.

We also advise you to go through the Sky Garden to discover, at the top of the highest public garden in the City, an exceptional 360 degrees panorama. The ascent is free, but you must reserve your seats in advance.