What Are The Best Scissors For Cutting Hair At Home?


Your hair is a big part of you; it adds to your personality and boosts your confidence. However, we have spent 90% of our days locked in our house during the pandemic. With salons shut, our hair depends on us for their ultimate care. With damaged hair, split ends, and outgrown layers and bangs, you are now your hairdresser.


Before you go snipping off your hair, you need to make sure you have the perfect tool for that. Haircutting scissors are called scissors and shears as well, and they come in all shapes and sizes.


You should pick a scissor that fits in your hands well. The blades should be long enough to make you feel in control. The long blade will feel less heavy on your hands, so you are not tired while cutting hair procedure.

Here are two of the best picks for the best scissors for cutting hair at home.

Both the scissors are fantastic in quality and have a twistable screw for easy maintenance. The scissors discussed below also have sharp convex blades, which allow for a smoother cut.

Diamond Thinner

Diamond Thinner is available in 5.5” only. This thinning shear is embedded with diamond studs which gives them a very luxurious look. Made out of VG10 Japanese Super Cobalt Steel, these shears are designed to have 40 teeth, giving them a 25 to 30% cut ratio for the perfect thinning effect.

For added durability and sharpness, these diamond scissors reach the hardness of 60 HRC +/-1. Surprisingly, they only weigh 70 grams which makes them lighter on your hand. These scissors can be used for prolonged periods with the help of an ergonomic design. The finger rest is permanent.


These thinner shears thin the thicker hair textures down to give it a “thinner” look and help with the blending of the hair and give the final haircut a more refined look. Diamond thinners are an excellent tool for getting a layers haircut or some light bangs and fringes! However, these scissors are not great for length alteration.

Chopper Texturizer


Chopper Texturizer is also available in only 5.5’. Built with forged 440C Japanese Stainless Steel, with reaches the hardness level of 59 +/-1 for protection against corrosion and adds to its strength. The stainless steel makes these scissors a perfect pick for everyday usage.


Chopper has been carved to have 19 teeth, a cut ratio of 60 to 70%. This cut ratio allows you to cut 70% of the hair to create some volume and add texture to the hair.


These texturizer scissors weigh 55 grams, and their ergonomic design allows you to hold them for long. The finger rest present on these scissors is removable. The teeth cut have more space between them which does not add much of a blending effect as tinning shears do.

The piece of hair cut will be more visible. Then an uncut piece of hair to make the hair stand out easily. They add more texture to the hair and gives them a more voluminous look