What Do Users Say About Kareo Software?

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Kareo is a medical software development firm based in Irvine, California, that was created in 2004. Kareo EHR takes pride in developing software that performs effective electronic medical record-keeping services. It even attracted a significant number of medical health providers in 2019 – and now supports a total of 75,000 practices, with 150,000 users.

Kareo Software

Kareo is a cloud-based EHR, medical billing, and practice management software that many physicians across the United States use. This approach is best suited for small practices and billing organizations. Healthcare practices can utilize the Kareo software to book patients, verify patient eligibility insurance, store patient records, create custom reports, and more.

Kareo EMR is suited to small and independent practices avoiding the time-consuming. And expensive features you don’t require.

Kareo Billing Software

Since 2013, Kareo has also purchased a medical billing software company, allowing the software to interact with other products to address clinical requirements, patient management, and medical billing for large, medium, and independent small-scale medical centers.

Kareo assists you in managing the complexities of insurance billing. For example, medical staff can promptly enter patient data and verify insurance claims. Kareo also has a schedule and appointment reminder feature that allows you to plan appointments with your patients and send reminders to decrease no-shows.

In addition, practices can connect with their billers, patients, and workers using the built-in messaging tool.

Kareo Software Reviews – Benefits

Easy Appointment Scheduling

By regulating the flow of patients through your clinic, appointment scheduling can help you maximize income and improve patient satisfaction. You may use the scheduler to make appointments, check calendars, print schedules, and personalize them.

You can use the appointment calendar to schedule patients and other appointments. Using strong recurrence rules, you can arrange one-time or recurring meetings.

Cloud-based Patient Portal

Kareo’s patient portal, which was designed to secure information-sharing. And contact with patients, assists businesses in ensuring that their patients receive all essential information using the correct methods. In addition, the patient portal allows patients to view their medical records, including updated information and billing information.

Patients can access their portal at any time and from any location by entering secure information. Furthermore, doctors and other practitioners may use the portal for communicating with their patients to keep them up to date on relevant health progress.

Dashboard Feature

You may make full use of a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard experience with the Kareo program. You can log in to the software and view your tasks for the day, as well as a calendar that offers numerous benefits.

The calendar helps create a specific schedule for each user, saving the administrative team the time-consuming task of checking in with each physician before scheduling an appointment with the patient. The dashboard also continually refreshes the items on your agenda. Which lists the functions that you must accomplish that day to ensure that all work is finished efficiently.


Kareo includes built-in telemedicine, allowing you to see your patients through secure video and receive complete follow-up and minor urgent treatment reimbursement. Only visits that have been performed and confirmed are billed. There are no fees for rescheduling, no-shows, or cancellations.

The Kareo telemedicine feature was beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic when patients couldn’t reach clinics due to sudden lockdowns. This feature is also advantageous to those who can’t travel due to various reasons such as workload, geographic restrictions, or personal reasons.

Electronic Prescription Tool

Kareo offers a robust electronic prescription tool that you can utilize to streamline your work. This powerful functionality allows you and other healthcare practitioners to write and send prescriptions to your patients’ chosen pharmacy electronically rather than using handwritten or faxed notes. In addition, the e-prescription tool allows you to approve order refills with a single click.

Moreover, this feature helps you identify any potential drug interactions to ensure your patients’ safety. You can view this feature in detail during the Kareo EHR software demo.

Kareo Software Reviews – Drawbacks

Poor Customer Support

After reading various Kareo EHR reviews, most of them stated that customer service is poor to non-existent. When a client reports an issue, a ticket is created. And some say it might take up to three weeks to resolve an issue.

Furthermore, some users claim that they must repeatedly discuss their problems with various representatives. This not only adds to the user’s frustration, but it can also cost the facility time, money, and possibly its reputation.

Implementation Takes Time

Another drawback of adopting the Kareo Software is the lengthy implementation period. Other EMR systems are up and running quickly, whereas Kareo EMR takes time. The data migration process is as slow as the implementation.

Because the system disables various functionalities, it is not for everyone to install and set up by an implementation specialist. These long periods will shift the practitioner’s focus from providing care to resolving administrative concerns.

Kareo Software Pricing

Kareo EMR offers various pricing options based on the size, requirements, and degree of your practice. Most practices, however, would charge between $100 and $300 a month as a starting point. You can, however, get an estimate from the vendor for more specific pricing information.

Kareo Billing Pricing

Kareo Billing pricing begins at $125 per month.

Should You Invest in Kareo Software?

Kareo provides a comprehensive technological platform explicitly designed for the needs of independent practices. As a result, physicians may now easily manage all essential functions of their practice from a single, user-friendly interface.

If you are still contemplating investing in the Kareo software, we recommend scheduling a demo. The demo will help you evaluate the software in a live setting. Moreover, you can take help from Kareo EHR reviews that are available on various online sources.