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What To Know Before Travel To Kuala Lumpur

Are you planning to travel to Kuala Lumpur? Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of the Malaysia that is the nice stopover and the melting pot of various nations such as: Malay, Tamil, Chinese, Thai, Pakistani, Indian and many more, which are living amazingly in this city. This wonderful city is basically the friendly atmosphere and the hospital nation, whose practices a unique traditional & cultural customs and magnetizing the visitors from around the globe via cheap flights all the year.

There is a good chance to the visitors to organize the trip or exploring and to see the old Asian world that grows with large scale development, you can experience this multicultural city from savoring national foods to the attractions and the complete accommodation facilitates.

No doubt, capital of the Malaysia is a beautiful, vibrant and diverse city where you will not only find lively cities and landmarks; in fact, you also become the witness of the stunning rainforests and beautiful architecture. The thrill city is the blend of the cultural hub and the futuristic modern art. It does not matter that you are planning a trip as a history lover, cultural seeker, tourist’s attraction explorer, nature lover or just to spend time with friends or going to meet your love one because it has truly offered multiple things to everyone and warmly welcomed by gifted the pleasant moments.

Memories and luxurious facilities, but you should have some awareness regarding this city to pluck out the exact things which you like to see or explore. Therefore, this blog introduces the couple of things that you need to know before travel to Kuala Lumpur and collect stress-free picturesque scene to make your trip more worthy.

The climate of Kuala Lumpur:

To know about the weather or the climate of the exploring destination is the basic point that every trip planner must know first before packing the luggage, then you can pack appropriate things. Kuala Lumpur is not very hot or warm city because of the humidity. This temperature is become the source of the stunning flora and fauna, while rain is also falling due to the monsoon.

Enjoy Haggling:

When you are going to the Kuala Lumpur, you have planned to visit local markets and souks to know about the cities depth or to buy the art-work, clothing, gadgets. Gifts, spices or any wonderful thing you would like to buy.

So, to get all these things you need to haggle because in this way you can adjust the rate according to your choice, while in Malaysia Haggling and the bargaining are the common things as same the PIA online flights booking gives you the discounted fare to travel to Malaysia. Therefore, haggling with the stall or the shop holder allows you to know about the Kuala Lumpur culture and gives the unique experience to you too, as the PIA gives a comfortable journey to the passengers.

Speaks English:

If you are worried about the language that how you can speak in Kuala Lumpur with the citizens? So, don’t worry, about it because English is commonly spoken in the Malaysia and the friendly people also reply you in the English. Therefore, the talking is very simple and easy which facilitates you and makes you able to live freely and free you from the barrier of the languages.

Learn basic Phrases:

While the locals do speak English and you also can talk with them and understand the conversation, but the interesting and the great way is to indulge in any other culture or community to learn or know about them language. If you are unable to learn entire language, then must learn few phrase of the pointed destination. It will proof very helpful to you and make you able to do friendship with the citizens quickly. The few important phrases of the Kuala Lumpur city are:

  1. Salamat Datang meaning is welcome
  2. Salamat Pagi meaning is good morning
  3. Tidak meaning is no
  4. Ya meaning is yes
  5. Tolong meaning is please
  6. Terima Kasih meaning is thank you

Worthy street food:

Kuala Lumpur is the narrow streets, lanes area that echoes with the crowded of real sense of food aroma and the hawkers at street food stalls making delicious dishes of the city. There is something exceptional about the cuisine of the Malaysia and tantalize your buds. You should experience below the mouthwatering dishes during the visit.

  1. Satay
  2. Rojak
  3. Nasi Kandar
  4. Ikan Bakar
  5. Ramly Burger
  6. Asam Laksa
  7. Lok Lok
  8. Cendol

Hotel in Kuala Lumpur:

This beautiful and well-established city has complete facilities to invite the outsider in their boundaries and give them the comfort and cozy residence. Each hotel is well furnished and lush of good views that you can enjoy and take the deep breath by standing on the balconies or the window. According to the facilities in the hotels or the accommodation, it offers cheap hotels booking to the guests or you can reserve your hotel in advance through online. There are the following options of the hotels, in which you can choose anyone for your trip.

  1. Empire Suite Time Square
  2. Park Royal
  3. Traders Hotel
  4. Sunway Putra Hotel
  5. Pacific Regency hotel
  6. Berjaya Time Square
  7. Maluri Hotel
  8. Royal Chulan

Visit tourists Attractions:

As we all knew it that the capital city, Kuala Lumpur is the heartbeat of the country, Malaysia and it offers plenty of things to see and do, while allowing collecting the incredible memories and capture it in your cameras. Every destination has its own symbol that is given to it by its famous landmarks and skyscrapers. So, join us, to view the Kuala Lumpur’s famous and the pretty attractions and get knowledge about them that utilize during the trip.

  1. Petronas Twins Tower
  2. KLCC Park
  3. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
  4. Merdeka Square
  5. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
  6. National Museum
  7. Central Market
  8. Batu Caves

Dress up appropriately:

Always focus on the dressing sense of the exploring destination and especially in the Malaysia because it considered the land of the temples and the mosques. So, during the tour, if you are going to visit a few sacred places, including, mosques, temples, church or any other holy place, then must wear the body cover dress.

Don’t wear the shoulder and legs open dresses because it considered unrespect or the holy places and might be you are not getting permission to enter into the holy places due to the inappropriate dress code. Therefore, it is quite important during the traveling, to observe and respect the culture and religions of the destination you see or visit. “Make sure, you have these items on tips and use all above them, when you will visit Kuala Lumpur”.

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