Why Attend Queen’s University Belfast to Study?

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Moving away from home, exploring a new city, learning to sort of live independently, and taking a subject that has challenged me every week have all been roller coaster experiences during my time at university. Here in this article you should know why to attend Queen’s University Belfast to study.

I’ve had a ball in university, and I’ll take the knowledge I’ve gained to whatever I do, but more importantly, I’ll take the wonderful memories I’ve made over the last three years! Ankita, an MBA student at Queen’s University Belfast.

Why Queen’s University Belfast?

The MBA programme at Queen’s University Belfast is a prominent member of the esteemed Russell Group of universities and an excellent representation of international higher education. The ninth-oldest higher education provider in the UK, Queen’s was founded in 1845 and offers 170 years of academic tradition that flawlessly combines international renown with an innovative culture and a transformative student experience.

Queen’s is the Russell Group’s fastest-growing foreign student institution out of the 24 top universities, providing a home away from home for international scholars from all over the world. In fact, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Queen’s is home to 1,800 international students from more than 100 countries given that they have more than £1.5 million available in their international scholarship fund.

Why International Students Prefer Queen’s University Belfast?

What, then, is it about Queen’s University Belfast that attracts foreign students from all continents, nations, and cultures?

In the top 1% of institutions of higher learning globally, Queen’s is ranked by the QS World University Rankings for 2015–16.

Queen’s University Belfast Top Not Just In the Country but Also In the Entire World

According to the government overseas education consultants, as of 2014, there were 154 accredited institutions in the UK. Being in the top 1% in just this country alone is an incredible achievement, especially when you take into account the size of the UK in relation to this number. But Queen’s goes much farther, maintaining its position as one of the top not just in the country but also in the entire world.

Accomplishments of Queen’s University Belfast

Here are some more notable rankings and accomplishments for the university:

  • The quality of Queen’s Graduate School has earned it the top spot worldwide.
  • For its Research Intensity, it has placed second in the UK’s higher education sector.
  • One of the top employers in Northern Ireland, Queen’s is also one of only seven UK universities to have received the Silver Athena SWAN Institutional Award, which recognises outstanding employment practises for women in STEMM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine).
  • In the UK, Queen’s is among the top 10 universities for the calibre of its dorms.

In addition to these extraordinary accomplishments, 94% of the university’s 6,000 annual alumni are enrolled in meaningful employment or further education six months following graduation.

Courses offered by Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s has made a massive £700 million investment to build state-of-the-art facilities.

Whether business, engineering, computers, or health science is your areas of passion. As a result,  Queen’s University has all the resources you’ll need to find your way to success. You would struggle to find facilities anywhere in the educational world that can compare to those of Queen’s, from its financial trading room equipped with Bloomberg terminals all the way up to its interdisciplinary research facilities for the health and life sciences. Also, its innovative engineering hubs, and its £50 million, technology-rich McClay Library.

Queen is the ideal choice due to its prime location in the centre of Belfast City, just an hour’s flight from the busy UK Capital.

It is easy to see why the university’s distinctive location makes. Also, it is a wise choice for students from all over the world because it is situated in one of the UK’s safest and most affordable cities.

At Queen’s University Belfast, one of our students earned a PhD in creative writing. She later won a BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship and is now a producer and dramaturgy for Accidental Theatre. You’re hardly alone if you haven’t gone to Belfast, she claims.


“I relocated from Los Angeles; it wasn’t quite the conventional move, but it was still a wise choice. Thank God, I say, for Belfast not being London or New York. It’s the ideal size, extremely reasonable, close to the sea and some of Ireland’s most picturesque locations. Also, it constantly expands its list of things to do, say one of the students. When I first came, I felt a strong sense of community. Also, especially in the cafes and bookshops near the campus, where everyone truly knows your name.


Queen’s is the centre of the bustling city it calls home. Also, proud to be a part of a global hub with a thriving social scene and rich cultural legacy.

This is why students from all over the world have chosen. And will continue to choose, to study at Queen’s University Belfast. Also, together with its reputation as a hub of excellent teaching and creative research.