5 Tips for Safely Enjoying a Car Trip in 2021


Cars are very convenient when traveling in Pakistan. In addition to going to spots that are difficult to reach by public transportation, you can reduce the chances of interacting with an unspecified number of people. 

So you can rest assured that you will be able to take measures against the infection of the new Covid-19. Here are 5 tips for enjoying a comfortable drive trip.

How Safe Is A Driving Trip In Pakistan?

Want to get away from the strict schedule of everyday life? In such a case, we recommend going on a car trip.

When you drive, you can see beautiful scenery and beautiful shops here and there. There are the hidden attractions of Pakistan (especially in Northern Areas) that are difficult to find on a trip only by public transportation.

Since you don’t have to take a crowded train or bus, traveling by car can also help you maintain your social distance during these challenging times.

Checklist Of Things Necessary For A Safe Car Trip

  • Driving License, National ID Card, and other necessary documents.
  • Rent-a-Car or Private Car.
  • Hand disinfectant or hand sanitizer.
  • Mask
  • Few clothes along with at least 2 pairs of shoes.
  • Back-up money (which you might need in case of emergency).
  • Mobile Chargers and other necessary equipment.
  • At Least one Family member or a friend.
  • Drinks and Snacks.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

As of January 2021, the Government of Pakistan has no particular restrictions on domestic travel. However, it does not mean that the danger that Covid-19 is gone.

Theme parks, museums, restaurants, and tourist facilities throughout Pakistan are also implemented to prevent viruses. Under these circumstances, it is more important than ever to consider the destination in advance. Choose a place where people are not as crowded. We also recommended camping and hotels with private rooms.

Safe Place

However, camping can also become dangerous. So you should try to find a place where there are not any chances of danger. Also, the security of your car is a big issue in such cases. Therefore, it is always recommended to park your vehicle in a safe place and cross-check the locks on it.

Using a Car Tracking Service can also come in handy, as they will monitor your car 24/7 and notify you about any activities of your vehicle. Don’t forget to take measures against infection even when you go to a place with few people, such as a rural area. If there is an infection control required by the local side, please cooperate and always use Masks.

Choose A Best

As with your destination, the time of your trip is essential. The best season for travel in Pakistan is around spring when there is not much heat or cold. The summer season is an excellent season to go on a journey, especially if you plan to go to Northern Areas because everyone wants to get away from the heat of summer, even for a short while.

For local Punjab citizens, mostly from northern Punjab, winter is also an excellent season to visit places like Murree, Ayubia, and Nathiagali to witness the snowfall.

Tourist destinations are very crowded during this time on weekends. Especially the long weekend connected to the front and back with holidays, many people travel. Also If you work in Pakistan, it can be challenging to take a vacation on weekdays. However, to reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended that you travel on weekdays as much as possible. You should also check the news before leaving for the trip, there may be a safety risk at your chosen destination. The event may have been canceled due to the effects of this virus. If you are traveling for an event, be careful.

Bring A Disinfectant, Hand Sanitizer, And Mask

You don’t have to be as careful as when you are on public transport, as you won’t be in contact with a third party while you’re in the car. However, be sure to wear a mask when you get out of the car. Prepare a disinfectant and hand sanitizers to disinfect things you touch while traveling. The rental car is cleaned after the previous customer has used it. But if you are unsure, do it yourself for extra safety. Disinfectant or Hand Sanitizers are sold at retail stores throughout Pakistan.

Keep Your Social Distance When You Get Out Of The Car.

If you drive on the Highway or Motorway, you may stop at the service area. The service area, where you can buy local souvenirs and enjoy local food at the food court, is a fun place to call itself a tourist destination. However, it can be crowded depending on the time of the day, so wear a mask, maintain a social distance, and cooperate with the infection control required in the facility.

Light meals and drinks should be prepared before you get in the car if the service area is crowded.

Get in Advance.

There may be no sign at the intersection. On Pakistan expressways, the signs are written in English and Urdu. But on public roads, there are many places where there are no signs. And many narrow streets are inconspicuous. Before you travel, use your car navigation system (if applicable) or Google Maps to find out how to get to your destination. Even if you end up in an unexpected location, it may be safe as long as you can get a social distance from others. But it’s a good idea to plan your drop-off location as much as possible.

Let’s Go On A Driving Trip.

Now that you have planned your place, time, and everything else. It’s time to start your preparation for the travel. Grab your snacks and fasten your seat belts. Ask your friends or family members to join in and also inform them of all these things for them to prepare as well. You can also check AlphaTrack Pvt. Ltd. for their vehicle tracking services, which might help you secure your vehicle and further help you in the long term.