6 Things To Know Before Traveling To Vietnam

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Traveling to a new country for the first time is undoubtedly a daunting task. It is pivotal to learn the specific rules and norms of the country where you are about to go through cheap flight tickets in order to furnish your plans smoothly. Things will go traumatic if you have been caught by the shrewd scammers who are hell-bent in emptying your pockets.

However, if you know some basic norms and regulations, you would be able to save yourself from embarrassment and awkwardness. The country we are going to discuss today is Vietnam. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country known for its rivers, beaches, and bustling cities. In order to fully embrace Vietnamese culture, you should mentally prepare yourself by knowing about some pivotal things. Here, we are discussing some important things that you must need to master before visiting Vietnam.

1.     Weather Can Change Abruptly

Whether you are visiting the northern, southern, or central Vietnam, there are always the chances of humidity and heat. The climate of the country is considered to be subtropical. You can get screwed if your hair is mild. Similarly, the makeup can slide off your face within a few seconds of stepping outside.

Rain is usual in the summer and autumn months. However, the temperatures can get quite cold in the north during the winter. The thick snow also covers the mountains. So, it is prudent to check the weather forecast before going to Vietnam.

2.     Carry Small Notes

One US dollar is about 22,700 Vietnams Dong, so you can be a millionaire in Vietnam. The largest currency note in the country is 500,000 Vietnamese Dong which is equal to $25. Similarly, the smallest note is of 500 Dong, which is $0.022. Unluckily, many of the notes are of similar color, and it is quite challenging to distinguish them. Therefore, it would be better if you carry small notes with you and stash away the larger ones in a different pocket. You can also arrange your notes in ascending order to avoid being tricked by the shopkeepers.

3.     Traffic Is Crazy

Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest amount of vehicles and motorcycles. In big cities, each household has more than one bike. Therefore, it is crucial to cross the streets of the country carefully. Crossing the streets is even a skill in the country which you must need to learn. Otherwise, you might get hit by a fast-moving motorcycle or a car anytime.

People riding the bikes will not let you go first but, when they notice that you are moving slowly, they will certainly dodge around you. Motorcycle racing is also popular in the country.

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4.     Don’t Book Anything Online

Never book the hotels and parking tickets online because the country is full of frauds and scams. Various agencies use the name of big brands because there are no rules on trademark rights in the country. If you book something online, you will eventually end up paying the enormous sums than the price you would have paid if you bought the thing on the spot.

Similarly, there are also no cyber laws in the country, meaning that anybody can commit crimes on the internet. So, if you truly care about your money, book the things exclusively.

5.     Be a Sensitive Photographer

Always ask the people before taking the photographs. People in the country are hospitable, and they would love to have some shots with you. However, like in all the countries, there are some touchy people who would not like it when you take their pictures. They think that you are trying to objectify them.

Similarly, there are some buildings where taking photos is prohibited. The official buildings, military complexes, and various mausoleums are heavily guarded and capturing them in your camera might land you behind bars. So it would be safer for you not to take photos of sensitive buildings. 

6.     Pack Some Conservative Clothes

Even though wearing shorts and tank top is completely normal in Vietnam, showing some modesty is cardinal when you are going to sacred religious places through Turkish Airlines flight booking. In the vicinity of religious sites, you are supposed to cover your body fully. Your legs and shoulders should also be covered. So, while you pack for Vietnam, never forget to include long-sleeved shirts and long trousers.

It does not matter where you are going; you should always respect the religious norms of the country. Females should cover their heads with scarves. Also, try to lower your voice as talking loudly in the sacred places is considered a sign of indifference and derogation.


Paying heed to our suggestions will not only save you from unwarranted consequences but would also enable you to embrace the diverse beauty of this country. You can visit faremakers.com to instantly book the flight for Vietnam.

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