8 Most Compelling and Real Reasons to Visit Pakistan

Over the past few years, Pakistan has really gained a bad reputation in the media. You have to see it by yourself, so get PIA Online Ticket Booking. And plan your next trip to Pakistan. Because there has been terrorist activity in the country, you may think that getting a visa is impossible or that all of the country’s sights have been wasted. A surprise awaits you! Pakistan has a lot to offer to interesting travelers, such as David and Josephine, who created this list of reasons to visit Pakistan.

1 – Pakistan is safe

Pakistan, in the past, had indeed hit by terrorist attacks, but now every country in the world seems to be honest, and you are not safer sitting at home. The Pakistanis are extremely anti-terrorists and will do everything in their power to keep you safe at all costs. Sometimes you can be assigned to a police escort. This does not necessarily mean that you are in a dangerous area, it means that the local police department wants to watch over you.

2 – PIA online ticket The Natural Beauty

Pakistan is famous for its geographical splendor because it contains all varieties of natural phenomena, ranging from rolling hills leading to high peaks in the north. It has vast fields and rivers; towards the Sindh province, we are beginning to witness oceans, and finally, there are vast deserts, which makes it a complete treasure of nature’s gifts. One of the reasons the landscape is so amazing is that most of it are still preserved in its most raw and most natural form. Let’s not forget that Pakistan boasts the five highest and most glorious mountains in the world. Airline tickets to Pakistan are radially available, and you can grab yours with the world-famous airline of your choice at any time.

3 – Hospitable and Friendly Locals

Hospitality is rooted in Pakistani culture; there is no real conception of a formal invitation; you’re just welcome. People call each other at home without an earlier meeting, store owners will ask you to Chai with them when passing through endless blocks of material, and if you travel to the country, you will be embraced with open arms.

 Almost everyone who visits returns with reports on how friendly and helpful the locals are, and there are some fantastic examples.

4 – Multiculturism

Pakistan has four provinces, each with its own culture, traditions, dialect, and food, and art palette. This cultural diversity is due to ethnic diversity, which causes its profound and long-term impact on the whole culture as a whole. If you’re traveling around the country, going to every other province is almost like going to a new country where you will notice the difference in the way people look, dress, speak, and behave.

 If you like colorful culture and you haven’t seen Pakistan, then there is so much you are missing. Get your PIA Online Ticket Booking done right now to enjoy one of the most vibrant cultures of the world.

5 – Land of Sufi Music

Pakistan has its own soundtrack that permeates everything. From the fashionable sounds of Coke Studio, rhythmic Qawwalis, and rock. The music of Pakistan is as vibrant as it is diverse, it is part of the world of this country and has always placed it on the map. The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan collaborated with well-known Western artists such as Eddie Vedder and Peter Gabriel on the soundtrack of The Last Temptation of Christ Martina Scorsese. Khan was Qawwal and sang dedicated Sufi Islamic songs, and his album Intoxicated Spirit won a Grammy for the best traditional folk album.

6 – Mohenjo Daro and Harappa – Most Talked Cities

All of us have learned about these two iconic cities during our history lessons, but their visit is an experience that will take you back to history, 2600 BC Although Harappa is located near Lahore in the Pakistani region of Punjab, Mohenjo Daro is in the Sindh region. Just visiting the leftovers will allow you to get to know the local lifestyle and architecture of the past.

7 – The Richest Food

Food in Pakistan is famous for the specialized use of all kinds of herbs and spices. Each traditional dish is a unique mixture, the recipe has been perfected for generations to give it a great taste. Every dish, regardless of whether it is lentils, chicken roast, or even lamb, must be seasoned and cooked to perfection, so after preparing the final dish, it is a pleasure to eat every bite. Pakistan is known for its agriculture, so you should be prepared to taste organic fruit and vegetables that you can only dream of. If you are a foodie, then Lahore awaits you.

Take airline tickets with the service provider of your choice to visit Pakistan for your next international trip.

8 – Glorious Mosques

Over the centuries, when the Mughals ruled the subcontinent, they hired the most celebrated artists and architects of that time to create magnificent mosques that are as glorious as in times of splendor, such as the Wazir Khan Mosque and Badshahi Mosque. In Lahore. There is also the Shah Jahan Mosque in Sindh, which was ordered by Emperor Shah Jahan and is made entirely of marble. In Karachi, there is a large mosque made of one dome called Gol Masjid.

Architecture, minarets, and exquisite works of art, in combination with flawless calligraphy, make these mosques a miracle of architecture that must be experienced first-hand.


There are very few countries in the world that can enrich your life like Pakistan. You can take your flights by getting PIA Online Ticket Booking from any famous online portal. From the peaks of the Karakoram to the cities and towns that take you to another place and time. There is much more to Pakistan than what you see in the news, and the world is developing.

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