A Special Message For Keyboard Warriors From Aima Baig

Aima Baig is one of Pakistan’s most popular female vocalists. Aima Baig sang several songs.aima-baig-background-is-religious

Aima Baig is a famous Pakistani actress and a talented singer which follows the latest fashion trends. In a recent interview, host Mira Sethi asked her how she feels when people comment on “Are you Muslim” in your photos?keyboard-warriors-from-aima-baig

You cannot question anyone’s beliefs. Aima Baig, you don’t know what kind of relationship. I have with my Allah, or what kind of relationship I have with Allah. You don’t know about the things I’ve been through that bring me closer to Allah I cannot be open about everything. I am in the midst of Allah. Aima Baig replied that is my faith who am i”,aima-baig-is-my-faith

Speaking of Islam, Islam is a very peaceful religion. All the chaos that is created is created by people and society. It’s not real Islam. My family background is Islamic religious and Alhamdulillah I am also a Muslim girl. When it was said, I said my father that I wanted to be a singer he asked me to remove “Baig” from my name”