Coca-Cola Released the First Episode of Coke Studio 2020

Finally, Coca-Cola Company proudly announced the release of the first episode of Coke Studio 2020 on December 4, 2020. Coca Cola released the first episode due to under strict Covid19 SOPs. Three original tracks featuring a line-up of emerging artists such as Seher Gul, Wajiha Naqvi. And Mehdi Maloof along with industry veterans Meesha Shafi, Fariha Pervez, Ali Noor, Sanam Marvi, and Zara Madani.

National Music Platform

Producer Rohail Hyatt, who is once again leading the national music platform, has assured that not only will it be a season of purely original songs. But you can give a name to this song as a Na Tutteya Ve. Interestingly, this is the first time in Coke Studio’s history that all female performers of the era have been singing together, even if each artist is recorded separately.

The song, which consists of a rap section performed by Meesha Shafi for the first time in her music career, is about how not to break a woman’s mind. In the song, Shafi says, “Gender equality is a huge topic of discussion around the world today and this song talks about equality from a woman’s perspective.”


All women play an equally vital role in society so that audience can be fully enjoyed. I see this song as a prayer that calls for the unity of women, a prayer that we will always be together and each of them will support the other. “

Additionally, CS debutant Mehdi Maloof will perform Dil Khirki, a song written and composed by emerging indie artists. The song, along with the quintessential sense of singing in college, is about opening your heart to the world, regardless of life circumstances. By accepting a person’s circumstances, a person can undergo a fate that ultimately results in a broader understanding of both life and oneself.

Maloof said of the song, “Unless you’re lost, you can’t really find yourself.”

In Jaag Rahi Fariha Pervez sings about suffering on sleepless nights, seeking to be with her Beloved (Mighty One). Ali Norwegian’s voice responds to this desire by explaining that he is suffering from the same misery and that he will never forget it. A contemporary take on the classic thumri, Chase Rahi is the third track in the first stage.


Pervez says this song contains elements of Ishq-e-Majazi (romantic/worldly love) and Ishq-e-Haqiqi (love for Almighty God). “But as I was singing, I noticed that the more dominant emotion with Ishq was – e-Haqiqi. I don’t think there is any greater love than for the Creator. “

Coke Studio 2020

Coke Studio 2020 also marks the return of the house band, featuring Asad Ahmed on electric guitar, Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar on bass, Babar Khanna on oriental percussion, Shehroze Hussain on sitar, Nawazish Nasri on rabab, and Abier ‘Veeru’ Shaan on percussion. For vocal supporters this season there are Nimra Rafiq, Wajiha Naqvi, Kumail Jaffery, Shahab Hussain, and Zara Madani. Due to the new format and the advantages of the technology. This season has also teamed up with international musicians from all over the world, including Turkey, Nepal, Lebanon, and Serbia. The Turkish artist Volkan Öktem also joined the house band with drums during this period.


Coke Studio 2020 is managed under the careful management and maintenance of COVID-19 SOPs, allowing for both singers and musicians to be recorded separately.Na-Tutteya-Ve-Sehar-Gul-Khan-coke-studio-2020

Due to the extraordinary circumstances under which this year’s season took place, it is specifically called Coke Studio 2020 and not Coke Studio Season 13. The core value of the Coke Studio platform has always been to explore experiment and share unique music from Pakistan and the subcontinent in the world. Therefore, with the emerging discovery of Pakistan’s identity, the journey of Coke Studio and its music continues.