Alizeh Shah is much conscious about Isolation- Here’s how

Alizeh Shah is the confidant of her fans which is why people keep talking about her. She is one of the new actresses the city talks about whenever one of her dramas keeps flying or not. Her innocence and the beautiful people at first sight and without a doubt she performs well in all her dramas.

Has Alizeh contracted Shah Coronavirus?

Shortly after news broke that Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz, and the entire cast of drama series Mera Dil Mera Dushman contracted the coronavirus, no official statement was made other than about the Nida Yasir family. But one thing was confirmed via Alizeh Shah’s Instagram post that she is alone.

Isolation is a Blessing for Alizeh

Alizeh Shah spoke optimistically about the divorce and considered it a blessing. Alizeh took it to social media and sincerely wrote post-sharing that it is a pleasure to have so much time to think about so many things in life. She wrote her feelings like:

“Thank goodness I have had the privilege of spending a lot of time lately thinking and thinking about how many things we supply, obviously not everyone has everything, but everyone has something or something, from little things like the air we breathe, water, food, a roof over our heads, displays of strangers, the smiles on people’s faces when they accidentally look into a people, on bigger things like the health, family, friends, love and care we got from them, He wrote.

“The life we ​​have had and the world we live in is amazing and I hope we keep it that way. Given the status quo of this pandemic, we are all going through one of the most difficult times of all. Time but I think we are noisy and Insha’Allah we will overcome it,”he added.

Alizeh finished his post about prayers and said, “My prayers are with all those who were killed by covid19 and the tragic plane crash, prayers for their relatives and relatives.” son of Allah unhe sabr the Ameen! “.

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