You will get Nostalgic after seeing Atif Aslam with Neelum Munir in an Old Ad

We’ve all seen Atif Aslam Debut ad rise in his music and become a heartthrob, he. From her early days, people – especially girls – followed her to see what she’s done in the past and what her life is all about. The first ad of her life recently appeared, and we’re not sure how to respond. But one thing is certain: Atif really works to be where it is now.

Sab Kuch to Hai Is Main

This was probably the first time ten years ago when Atif attempted to enter the industry. You will see the young, carefree boy doing his best to adapt to the role he has given. This is a Sony Ericsson ad from the days when this brand was a thing.

We can see Atif doing his best to play his part, but there is one thing we can handle. There is nothing that suits Atif better than the singing talent he has.

Internet response to it

This video was uploaded through a Facebook-based marketing page and people have gone crazy ever since. Some, especially girls, don’t think Atif was a sad children’s bag back then. In addition, her preference for promotional clothing was as skeptical as she was about her recent taste.

The video revolves around the internet in the future with their two cents on how they saw Atif and also commented on his actions.

Have you noticed Neelum Munir?

That said, while Atif Aslam may be the ultimate Prince Charming of girls worldwide, Neelum Munir has also set her sights on the industry. While everyone is focused on Atif, don’t forget that this is Neelum Munir first attempt at getting into the industry too. He just doesn’t look like Atif, and they both come from looking at how they behave and get up.

Well, first-timers in the industry aren’t always the best job to look back on. We believe that Atif Aslam and Neelum Munir not only worked hard, but also did their best to make their mark on the industry. It must have been a good match for them to view and compare their journey.

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