Best Notes For Communication Skills For Freelancers

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People want an easy solution for earning so that they can easily earn without investment. So, Don’t worry because freelancing is the best platform for all people where you can easily earn to sell your skills. You can also follow the below steps for better communication Skills:


  • Communication doesn’t mean a person must be a good English speaker.
  • Good and full communication is based on speaking as well as listen.
  • When we speak English that is just called talk.
  • A good communicator must be a good listener.
  • Being freelancers we must have to understand the requirement of the client. And based on that requirement we have to propose the solution to the customer or client.

There are two types of [people in the world]:

1: The ones who for the humanity (work to help and assist people). Good.

2: The ones who work for themselves. (selfish ones ). They just work for the money. (Bad).

  • The one who wants to work for the money can’t be a good listener. And the other person who wants to help people and his main goal is for learning not money can be a good communicator.
  • When it comes to meet a person or talk to a person on camera you have to have eye contact with the person so that person has to ensure that you are listening to him or her. That makes a very great impact as well as trust on that customer.
  • Make them comfortable by giving them good feedback while listening.
  • While listening you have to sit straight so that it can give a good body language impression. Also, you have given a good and natural smile while listening to the person who is sitting in front of you.
  • Never give an impression of authority. Always try to communicate on an equal level. Not high nor low. Try to give them respect.
  • Another thing is while listening to the client at that time you have to listen to him not just making an answer or counter answer in your mind. In that scenario, it will lead to miscommunication.
  • Keep practicing until your deals starting to close.
  • Never ashamed of speaking English improperly because we are speaking English as a second language.



  • The tone of voice matter a lot in our daily life. Especially in a fight with someone 85 to 90 % tone of voice matters and the rest of % is based on words.
  • When we talk about in-person communication we can divide it or break it into 3 parts.
  1. 7% word matters.
  2. 38 % fluctuation in our voice matters.
  3. 55% of our body language matters when it comes to communicating with someone. (Facial expression and smile etc.)
  • When it comes to calls and texting
  • Not only do communication skills matters in professional life but also in personal life as well.

How we can improve it:

  • Voice of tone should match with personality. For example, be realistic with a soft tone in your daily life and manage it. Because most people fail to manage their tone, for instance, they merge their voice of tone in professional life and personal life vise of tome in professional life.


  1. Try to relax. Before starting something professional work (meeting) etc.
  2. Try to record your video and analyze your voice tone that should this tone is good enough to meet the standard or not? (What’s app voice notes).
  3. Always smile while speaking or texting. Add smile or heart emojis or emoticons.
  4. Take pauses before speak.
  5. Take breathe while speaking. Try to take control of your to breathe.
  6. Based on the new trend your voice of tone should be friendly 65% and 35 % formal.
  7. Try to speak slowly not but too slow.


  • Try to talk with yourself.
  • Afraid of people’s judgments. It is normal and natural.
  • People only judge those things where they have a thing of their interest. For example, if you are delivering content based on any topic they have interest only in the content that you are delivering.
  • Make yourself comfortable with clicking more selfies and front camera videos in this way you can be more confident as well as be a self-lover.
  • Try to talk to yourself in a mirror.
  • Before recording content wear those wearables which make you comfortable like favorite suits footwear, makeup, etc . by doing this you will overcome your visual insecurities and you will fully focus and be committed to your content.
  • Try to be ready for yourself. Not for others.
  • Try to add up your non-verbal communication (like body language, gestures).
  • Try to sit straight to be visible more comfortable.
  • Try to analyze your body language like gestures your words.
  • Make any eye contact with the camera or person to whom you are talking to.
  • Make a mark on the camera to make proper eye contact with the camera.
  • While speaking lonely (on camera) try to visualize your audience to make yourself confident.
  • While scripting your topic make a pointer to retake yourself on that particular topic.
  • While shooting video divide it into several parts so that your content sustains efficiency.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice to make yourself a master in it. Keep practicing until you succeeded.


  • Friendliness doesn’t mean cheesiness. (chipko)
  • Friendliness means that you have to be a person to whom people can easily adjust and talk.
  • There are two types of people when it comes to friendliness

1: By birth, people have friendly nature.

2: Some people do practice becoming friendly people.

  • A person who has friendliness in his/her nature attract more person towards his/her personality. Because people expect that person to listen to them carefully and try to solve their problem seriously as compared to others.

Advantages to being a friendly person:

  1. People will come to you again and again,
  2. Friendly people save a lot of their time when it comes to adjust with people and leave a good impression.
  3. If you are a friendly nature person people start to like you and they start to understand your benefit as their benefit and vice versa.
  4. Another advantage of friendliness is that within few minutes of communication client knows that whether you relay want to help him or just buttering him to make money.
  • 5 Ingredients to become a friendly person.

  1. Be a patient person.
  2. Smile.
  3. Try to be a happier person.
  4. Don’t be a judgmental person.
  5. Always try to initiate the talk first.
  • When you are angry or your client is angry don’t try to reply instead what you can do is fix your anger by doing whatever makes you happy.

• Take stress as a good thing because it teaches you that how to control and manage it. Also, it helps and tests you to measure that how good you are in the stress condition.