Women Scarf Guide: How To Choose The Right One

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As easy as it may seem to choose a scarf is not that walk in the park; it requires a person, particularly a woman, to be well aware of their style, the current trends, the weather, and most importantly, the kind of fabric that can go with their overall look. If you are looking to buy scarves online, then it’s time to up your shopping game and try some new brands like The Black Camel, as they have scarves of some top-notch quality that can get you the look you would love to wear. 

People are generally made to believe that there are not any regular rules that go against the mixture of certain colors and patterns. All these rules can significantly hinder us, particularly when selecting a scarf to up your style game or your overall outfit. We all feel a pang of anxiety when we do something that looks pretty simple such as figuring out what kind of scarf to wear with a camel coat or black or jacket. 

The Black Camels believe the old rules do not apply anymore; you can now mix and match all the complementary and non-complementary colors with impunity. It’s time you go ahead and choose the most beautiful scarf that you have had your eyes on. With some women’s scarves in Pakistan, we have some recommendations to help you look your best.

Flatter Your Face

You must consider one most important thing when choosing a women’s scarf is whether you are wearing it around your beautiful neck or on your head? Wherever it is going, it should flatter your face. It means choosing the right colors and a pattern is essential while selecting the scarf; it should also complement your hair color and skin tone. However, the good news is choosing the color allows you to wear outfits that do not suit you normally.

If you are going for black to get a perfect look, but you do not because you think it makes you look pale and washed out, go ahead and wear that black dress with the matching or contrasting scarf and you will ACE the look.

Printed Scarves in Bright Colors

Girls, it’s time you shine in bright colors and say goodbye to boring neutrals. The more printed your scarf is, and the bolder and shocking the color is, the more you will shine. Of course, a brightly patterned scarf will up the game of any monochromatic and plain outfit. However, do not shy away from wearing bold and bright colors; the plain dress with printed scarves goes perfectly.

For instance, how men can wear a printed and patterned tie with the checked and striped shirt, you can also pair a printed scarf in the same manner.

Go with the Right Fabric

Your fabric can make or break the overall look of the scarf; apart from the prints and colors, the fabric is one of the most important aspects of each scarf. For instance, a woollen scarf that will keep you warm can be a pretty lifesaver in extremely cold weather. However, they give a timeless and classic look; think of Harry Potter in a chunky cute sweater and boots. 

Apart from this, the scarves made from the wools like cashmere and Marina are cozy and soft. They can make you feel good and effective even on your tough days. A plaid scarf is a must-have in every wardrobe, particularly when talking about the holidays and vacations. On the other hand, the silk scarves, along with their alluring drapes and soft sheen, give an elegant look to any outfit. Moreover, one cannot deny that they are both comfortable and light and are perfect to wear in all weather, making them perfect accessories for travel.

Ways to Tie the Scarf

Women see various ways to tie your scarf if you are still confused about going about it? We are here to help you out. As said above, one of the multiple ways of tying the scarf is to tie it right around your neck for the perfect look. With the scarf, you can only bring out different looks and admire each one of them if you know how to do that and how to deal with those loops and knots. 

With the help of many tutorials, you can style any look you want without much effort, moreover, to a simple loop where you can double the overall scarf and hang it all around your neck by pulling both ends of the loop right from the front.

Following are the easiest way to tie your scarf.

  1. Pretzel is one kind of variation on the top of the simple loop and doubles the scarf while wrapping it all around the neck. However, this time, you have to pull both ends right through the loop; only pull one end through the loop inside and pull the other over the loop.
  2. Simple Knot: It’s time you hang the overall scarf right around your neck, tie it near one of the scarf’s ends, and pull the other through the knot. It makes it even with the ends of the knots. 

Happy Scarf Shopping!