Check Your Karachi to Islamabad Ticket Price to Visit These Restaurants

Karachi to Islamabad Ticket Price is often low, and you can visit Islamabad because the restaurant industry in it has recently rocked the local food scene. With the introduction of exciting new restaurants and trendy bars.

The numerous extras in the city’s burgeoning culinary arena specialize in international cuisine, serving the city’s numerous diplomats as well as adventurous gourmets. Read our guide to the top ten restaurants in Islamabad to plan your next delicious meal in the Pakistani capital.

Khaas Gallery Café

Hungry art lovers can kill two birds with one stone at lunch at the Khaas Gallery Café. This lunch-only restaurant is located on the grounds of the Khaas Gallery in Islamabad. One of the city’s leading contemporary art galleries, committed to showcasing the works of exciting young talent.
It also has a historical collection of mesmerizing 18th and 19th-century prints depicting the Pakistani landscape and traditions.

The food served in the adjoining cafe is worth nothing less than art. The menu includes a list of fresh, crispy salads and tempting starters, such as delicious Thai red curry, served with steamed rice and fried vegetables. Coffee is also incomparable.

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Rakaposhi is located in the luxurious Serena Hotel in Islamabad. The sophisticated red interior makes it a lovely date atmosphere. The setting is exemplary, which you won’t find anywhere else. Their outdoor seating area overlooking the Serena building and the lush green lawns are perfect for a dream getaway with your loved one.

If the idea for the perfect date is a cute and cozy place, head straight to Rakaposhi Cafe in Islamabad. The cafe offers a wide selection of cuisines, from traditional Pakistani food to fast food and continental delights.
If you’re planning an evening get-together, Rakaposhi offers delicious snacks and cakes that will make you fall in love with the place.

Mocca Coffee

Mocca Coffee has successfully created a corner of Scandinavian culture in the capital of Pakistan. The northern influence is visible on the one hand in the minimalist cream-colored parquet design, and on the other hand, the care for selected organic ingredients such as acai, wheatgrass or spirulina mixed with fruit smoothies.

The menu also includes world delicacies such as crespelle, nachos, and Spanish omelets; and impresses with a selection of delicious cakes, cakes, muffins, and desserts. But here coffee reigns: Mocca is more than just a coffee shop, and each blend is expertly roasted and brewed, and then carefully served in a variety of ways.

Highland Resort

The beautiful resort located in Pir Sohawa Islamabad certainly has everything to make your day unforgettable. The atmosphere among greenery, the weather, and seclusion make this restaurant unique. The Highland Resort is 10 km in front of the Monal Restaurant. The drive to this beautiful resort is scenic and adventurous.

We recommend visiting this place during the day to have more time to relax in this peaceful place. The food is expensive, and the service is commendable. You have the option to sit indoors or outdoors as you like.

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Monal Restaurant

This is one of the most romantic restaurants in Islamabad. When you walk into a restaurant, you realize that you’ve come to a particular place that is sure to impress your date. Located in Pir Sohawa, this lovely restaurant has a fabulous atmosphere with a soothing setting at the top.

They offer the most delicious food at reasonable prices as they serve live grilled food, Pakistani, Chinese, fast food, and continental dishes to make your stay worthwhile. At the top of the hill, overlooking the Islamabad skyline, Monal Restaurant is an excellent choice for dining – although it can be light on weekends.

Atrio Café and Grill

Atrio is famous for its elegant décor, romantic, picturesque rooftop, and exceptional customer service that will make your date perfect. Their roof has a clear view of the Margalla hills, light music, and delicious food to complement any gathering.

The staff is courteous and professional to make your evening unforgettable. Make sure to try their steaks and burgers, which are worth every bite. Atrio usually works on the weekends, but on weekday evenings, you can have a relaxing chat and meal.

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The Lime Tree

Kuch Kaas is a center of art, culture, and dialogue with a rich program of debates and activities to improve Pakistan and its citizenship. The Kuch Kaas is home to another of Islamabad’s gems – Lime Tree a bar and bakery serving drinks and freshly baked sweets.

However, the best part of The Lime Tree is the atmosphere: the simply decorated place, filled with abundant light from the large windows, invites guests to a homely and relaxing atmosphere where guests can enjoy drinks while admiring the exquisite artwork on the walls or reading one of the books from the cafe shelf. There is even a beautiful lawn with gazebos, coffee tables, and comfy sofas where you can enjoy your drinks outdoors.


This was our list of the best restaurants in Islamabad. So, check your Karachi to Islamabad ticket price to take your flights when convenient. These places are considered to be some of the best places to eat in Islamabad. Apart from these desi restaurants, if you want to explore the city, there are some of the best places to visit in Islamabad that you should not miss. Give it a try and let us know about your dining experience.

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