Sarah Khan Wedding – Interesting Factors to Know About

The iconic wedding of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir took everyone’s breath away. The couple looked amazing together and received many blessings. Sarah Khan is a famous Pakistani actress who has featured in many dramas. She has been into the industry for a while now and impresses everyone by her innocent and cute looks.

She looks like an absolute princess. The Sabaat actress tied the knot with famous singer Falak Shabir in July 2020.


Sarah Khan wedding was very elegant and sweet. The event started when Falak Shabir got on one knee, gave a boutique to Sarah, and pulled out a ring to propose. It seems as if the bond is made in heaven.

Sarah Khan wore a red dress with beautiful details designed by Zainab Salman. The red attire caught everyone’s attention as it looked so beautiful.

The wedding preparation started immediately after the engagement. On 15 July Sarah uploaded a picture on her Instagram and wrote: I said YES. This caused excitement everywhere and everyone wanted to know about the groom.

Soon it was revealed in her Instagram story that she had henna on her hand which said: ‘Falak ki Dulhan’. How cute is that?!

The couple looked very happy and kept uploading their pictures on social media. The images were liked by hundreds of people as Sarah Khan looked very elegant in every event.

Mayoon and Mehndi

The engagement was followed by their mayoon in which the couple looked very beautiful. Sarah khan wore a pure yellow colored outfit designed by Farah and Fatima. While Falak Shabir wore a simple and attractive White attire.

On Mehndi, Sarah wore Nilofer shahid’s yellow designed attire which looked lovely on her. Falak looked amazing wearing Humayun Laager’s outfit. The couple looked like they are made for each other.

Nikkah and Barat

Both were wearing the same designers on their Nikkah and Barat as well. The couple uploaded their wedding footage which was filmed by Abdul Samad Zia and they looked very pretty together.

These Pakistani dress trends 2020 are liked and looked upon by many people. Such elegant designs must be implemented by numerous people as this celebrity couple set a trend that anyone can look beautiful in simple dresses as well.

Falak Shabir Wedding was simple and well organized. Keeping the quarantine and current situation in mind they decided to go low-key and enjoyed their special day with close relatives and friends.

People must learn from them and should try to keep weddings low key and easy to manage. So that the daughter’s fathers don’t do under extreme debt and can overspending can be stopped.

Our culture needs to include these types of positive elements in their lives to make things easier for themselves. This wedding did grab some attention from all over the globe and we pray that may Allah protect this beautiful couple and keep evil eyes off of them. Let’s hope that we can learn something from this and can implement these things in our culture.

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