Explore 5 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Islamabad, Pakistan


If you are a domestic traveler or eagerly want to explore Islamabad gorgeous city, grab cheap flights from Karachi to Islamabad. Pakistan has many domestic airlines, including PIA, Air Blue, and Serene Airlines, that allow you to fly for the capital city, just from the Jinnah International airport, with the cheap fares. It will fulfill your adventures and the strolling thirst in the Islamabad.

It is a decent selection to utilize the vacations because this lush green city has various places (tourist sites, fun creating activities, and eateries) to visit without bore. All its high-quality facilities and picturesque scene ranked it, the world’s second alluring and engaging capital. It’s time to execute your plan and ready to explore the top five breathtaking places in Islamabad.

Five breathtaking places to visit in Islamabad

Iconic Faisal Mosque: 

The real soul-peaceful experience magically developed, while visiting the Shah Faisal Mosque. This mosque is considered the fifth largest mosque in the world due to its stunning Islamic architecture. The breathtaking design was given by the Saudi King “Shah Faisal” to Pakistan.

The iconic looking structure proudly stood on the foot-hills of Margalla. Its four towering steeples flanked on each corner. Its praying hall has the 10,000 people’s capacity to come for worship and even take pictures with spectacular views.

This mosque has become the most visited tourist hotspot in Islamabad that receives visitors every day, especially in the vacation break. It also entertained the visitors by offering many restaurants, cafes, and food stalls. Undoubtedly, after exploring this illuminated and sacred place, everyone brings back many memories and overwhelms experience.


Damn-e-Koh is another charming place, located on the Margalla Hills. From the height of 500 feet, you will able to view the fantabulous look of the city. It will tell you why Islamabad city is called the “green lush” city. Its picnic point Prisohawa is famous among the visitors, and you will find the hustle and bustle, even in the day or night.

If you want to become the witness of the phenomenal view of this point, then visit it at night. You will feel like the air kisses you and flirting too. Your soul says you “Thank you” to come there that is the paradise of the natural beauty.

But you need to be careful if you will explore this sight in the winter because the monkeys roam there. But don’t stay with them because they are the criminal who can snatch your belongings.

Rawal Lake: 

Rawal Lake is an excellent spot for a picnic or visiting with family or friends. The area around the vast Lake covered with flowering trees, gardens, and deserted paths. However, Islamabad is filled with several surprising places that directly refresh your mind and wash your stresses. Likewise, the Rawal Lake is one of them.

The thrilling activity of this site is taking paddling and tour on the motorboat with your group. You will experience the drop of the Lake dancing and welcome you by showering Lake Water’s drop like the rose petals.

This Lake should explore in the day time, and then, you will appreciate its beauty and nature’s crafting. The more exciting thing is that this mind-blowing is also ideal for those looking to relax and spend time under the sunset view. You can also experience hiking, fishing, and bird-watching.

Shakar Parian Hills:

Are you ready-made Serene Airlines Ticket Booking to explore the Islamabad breathtaking places? Because the most attractive spot, “ShakarParian Hills,” is awaiting you eagerly! This tourist spot allows you to the sight of Rawal Lake with your eyes. This ShakarParia comes from combining the two words of the Potohari language, which refer a location to stop-over.

Therefore, the visitors should take a break to appreciate the splendid view of this location, which also holds the Monument of Pakistan. One of those famous Islamabad’s places, which are located at the zero points. Visitors can overview both vibrant Islamabad and Rawalpindi. So, don’t skip this sensational view during the visit to Islamabad.

Neela Sandh:

The last, but not least! The Neela Sandh is one of the breathtaking visiting spots for the tourist almost 40km away from the Islamabad. The Neela Sandh is the short height clear blue waterfall, surrounding renowned with the tall trees, lush green mountains, and greenery.

When you sit near it and submerge your feet into the cold water, it will waiver your stress. You can also enjoy mountain hiking. The small stream is a nutshell of a charming outlook that is genuine, serene, calm, and tranquil.

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