The Best Parks in Manchester with Full of Natural Beauty


Manchester’s industrial fathers may have given it a ton of architectural character. They also paved all the green shoots and pushed parks to the outskirts, which you can visit by taking your Lahore to Manchester PIA tickets.

Even though there are only a few green areas in the city centre, there are green riverside walks and manicured parks within a short tram or bus ride.

Further afield, options extend to lush grounds of stately homes and hilly hikes that end with a country pub and well-earned mugs. Here’s a guide to the best natural attractions on offer in and around Manchester.

Heaton Park

Just 10 minutes’ drive from Manchester city center, Heaton Park offers over 600 acres of undulating greenery and an animal center perfect for little ones. Heaton Park, with its 1st Grade neoclassical Tudor hall, is a favorite among Mancunians and has a long history of hosting concerts and outdoor events.
It includes the annual Park-life festival, which draws huge crowds from across the UK. The park also has Treetop Manchester, an amusement park with high ropes, swings, slides, and walkways suspended 15m above the ground.

The park has a designated named stop at Metrolink, making it doubly accessible.

The River Mersey

Manchester is known for three rivers which are Irwell, Irk, and Medlock – but there is a fourth, the Mersey, on the southern edge of the city. On its way to the Irish Sea, the River Mersey flows for miles, and walkers and cyclists always use its winding paths. It is largely unpaved, so if you come by bike, be prepared for some tricky things.

One particularly good stretch to get a taste of the soft waters and grassy shores is from Manchester’s West Didsbury to Parrs Wood. Take the footpath off Stanton Avenue in Didsbury and follow the river southeast until you arrive at the Waterside Hotel for a snack.

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Prestwich Forest Park

Prestwich Forest Park consists of four smaller parks that cover 200 acres of the forest: Philips Park, Drinkwater Park, Water-dale, and Prestwich. These parks can be heavily forested, so it’s a lovely place to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Exploring the forest can be an enlightening experience as long as you are careful while hiking among the deciduous trees.

With a little work and research, you can even discover a piece of history as the remains of buildings, walls and canals can be found tucked away throughout the great expanse of this park.

Chorlton Ees

Once you are done wandering the leafy streets of Chorlton, walk to Chorlton Ees. It is a forest area and nature reserve where you can search for wildlife or stroll along the popular riverside paths along the River Mersey.

In winter, ash, hazel, willow, and other trees lose their bright autumn leaves. But summer is summer, the open meadows are thick with wildflowers and butterflies, while foxes, amphibians, and sometimes even bats roam through the canopy in the wooded area and swampy grass. The best place to enter is Chorlton Green at the end of Beech Road.

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Sale Water Park

Operating partially along the M60 motorway, Sale Water Park is easy to find and offers walks around and along a large human-made lake – with a water sports center where jet skis and sailboats can be rented. Would you like a quieter atmosphere? You can get to Jackson’s Boat Bridge for a nice family pub with gardens, or visit the Boathouse, open seven days a week.

There are 50 free parking spaces in Sale Water Park, and the Metrolink has a designated named stop.

Alderley Edge

Another National Trust property, located just outside of southern Manchester in neighboring Cheshire, Alderley Edge is a village famous for being home to many Ferrari players. But just behind the clusters of millions of dollars (and a few) of houses in the edge itself: a red sandstone cliff that overlooks the county’s forests and fields. Many popular walks lead through the forest, some hilly and demanding, others gentler.

They will all take you through some of the best and most loved rural areas in the area. If you like dogs, native pals in the area will surely keep you company as this is the number one spot for walkers. There is also a sweet tea room where everyone finishes their coffee and cake.

This place is one of the best off the beaten ones that offer more than any nature lover can ask for, so book cheap flights to Manchester right now and visit this natural park.

Boggart Hole Clough

Boggart Hole Clough is an old park with several wooded gorges, valleys, and ravines. It is said that the name comes from local superstitions that a goddess haunted the area. There is an ongoing debate as to whether this is a true folk tale or just a fabrication.

Either way, it’s easy to see how a legend could unfold in this dense, mysterious patch of forest. But during the day, this park offers visitors a huge dream-like green space that chases away scary stories in a brilliant spectacle.


These are some of the best parks in Manchester with full of natural beauty. Plan your trip and take your Lahore to Manchester PIA tickets right now if you are a nature lover. You will have an extraordinary experience.

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