Explore the Traditional and Cultural Beauty of Pakistan


Pakistan is a country whose culture is clearly opposed to its international image. There are many historical and traditional sites in Lahore and Karachi has a much more colourful culture. Lahore to Karachi flights is radically available and you can find the true image of Pakistan, which is opposite to what media shows you.

In addition to democratic and economic disappointment. He lives in the world of Pakistani civil society. Which is thriving against all odds to keep the most important thing intact: the living culture of the country. Let us explore the cultural and traditional beauty of Pakistan a bit in detail.

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Pakistan is located in South Asia and covers an area of ​​339 697 square miles (879.815 square kilometers). The whole country except the southern part is without access to the sea. With Afghanistan in the northwest, Jammu and Kashmir in the northeast, India in the east and southeast and Iran in the west.

In the southern part, along the coast of the city of Karachi. It is in this northern part that most of the ancient tribes live, and there are still many ancient tribal cultures and customs.


The culture of all the provinces of Pakistan is so diverse and versatile. The Punjabi culture has no match to it. Lahore which is considered to be the heart of Pakistan is one of the most famous cities of the world. Another gigantic city which is in the top ten biggest cities of the world is Karachi having a culture second to none.

Lahore to Karachi flights are in abundance. And you can travel between these two major cities of Pakistan at any time and any day. Due to its ethnic and geographical. There are more than 15 major ethnic groups in Pakistan. That differ in physical characteristics, historical bloodlines, customs, costumes, food and music.

In addition to ancient ethnic elements, the influence of Islamic religion has strongly shaped. Pakistani culture since its first arrival in the region in AD 700.

Craft Man ship

Pakistani truck art is not the only example of craftsmanship known worldwide. Pakistani crafts passed down through generations include a ton of styles, materials and aesthetics. And on walls, such as copper work, paintings and carved wood. And people from around the globe come to visit this oldest habitual city of Pakistan. Which is by far the second oldest city in the world second to Damascus. Via serene air online booking, you can visit the city of saints Multan whenever you want.


Visitors, tourists and guests, both domestic and international, are always welcomed with open arms. Even the poorest workers are doing everything to help new visitors. Cultural and religious beliefs encourage Pakistanis to show their guests love and respect. Especially in Islam, the guest is a blessing from God and is taught that he should be treated best.


People of Pakistan are suffering from the country’s economic situation due to widespread poverty and high illiteracy. Terrorist attacks and mismanagement have also led to terrible consequences. Regardless of this suffering, the spirit of Pakistan persists and people continue to hope and work for a better future. The people of Pakistan will rise high if they receive the sincere political effort and leadership they deserve.


There is much more to this country’s culture and traditions. But you have to visit yourself to observe the true beauty of Pakistan. Because what meets the eye has no match. You will have no trouble traveling between the cities of Pakistan. Serene Air online booking is always at your service. Plan your trip to this magnificent country. This is our promise that you won’t regret a single moment.