Famous Pakistani Actress Nadia Khan Third Marriage With Faisal Mumtaz

Famous Pakistani actress and performer Nadia Khan received more photos of the wedding with her fans a few hours after it was confirmed that she was tied for the third time. The morning host took to Instagram and posted the link on his YouTube channel. Where she shared a full video of all wedding memorable moments which is held in Islamabad. Close friends and close family attended the wedding. Nadia Khan’s husband is a retired wing commander.

Nadia Khan Weeding

Famous Pakistani actress Nadia Khan is a presenter and producer. Nadia is famous in hosting Show, a morning TV show on her YouTube channel.

Nadia is best known for his role in the classic PTV series Banden. Khan was recognized for his description of Kinza in Aisi Hai Tanhai. He shared a video of his event on his YouTube channel. And a photo on his Instagram post. Before this wedding, Nadia has two children Azan and Aliza.

Nadia Khan shared memorable moments of his wedding on his youtube channel. Which is held a ceremony in Islamabad. Nadia Khan invited his close friends and family for a wedding. Nadia Khan introduced her husband. And said that his wife Faisal Mumtaz Rao is a retired wing commander.

Faisal Army Officer

Faisal is a fighter pilot and also a brave Pakistani army officer. Nadia’s husband was born in Lahore in 1970. And joined the Pakistan Air Force in 1991 as an officer in GDP. He is known as one of the most skilled and outstanding pilots with 30 years of flight and management experience in the world’s leading air forces.

Faisal has more than 4,000 flight hours with Mirage, F-7, Hawk Grob, T-37, Cessna. Apart from this, he has surpassed all major training courses in Pakistan and the UAE. He retired from the Pakistan Air Force in 2009 as a wing commander.

Faisal is nothing new for the media, as he appeared in the ISPR song Najva Shiraz by Hawa ka Sipahi. Mumtaz Hamid Rao was one of the founders of Pakistan TV and one of the first PTV news reporters. He died in 2011 in Rawalpindi. The privileged family of Hamid Rao belongs to Jammu and Kashmir occupied by India.

Faisal’s mother

Faisal’s mother is a housewife and she is also from Jammu. She is a very loving mother, a gentlewoman and she also a brilliant cook. She is currently based in Islamabad. Faisal is the eldest of four brothers. His younger brother Ali works as a senior consultant in the UK Civil Service.

Omar’s other brother is a mechanical engineer and a senior army officer. He currently lives in Rawalpindi with his wife Fatima, and children Salar and Natalia.

Raza’s younger brother is connected to electronic media and digital media. And currently works for a multinational company. His wife, Fatemeh, is a teacher and lives in Islamabad with their children, Raim and Rida.