Most Compelling Reason to Visit Pakistan: At Least For Once

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can find Online tickets to travel between its famous cities via many airlines. Pakistan is equipped with a diverse culture, magnificent landscapes and music that can strike.

After reviewing the photos, themselves, you will definitely feel the need to get started as soon as possible. Although there are thousands of them, this list of ten reasons why you should visit Pakistan at least once in your life will inspire you. So, if you’re looking for a travel list extension, here’s one destination that can reach the top somewhere.

Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa

We learned about these two iconic cities during our history lessons. But their visit is an experience that will take you back to history, 2600 BC. Although Harappa is located near Lahore in the Pakistani region of Punjab, Mohenjo-Daro is in the Sindh region. Just visiting the leftovers will allow you to get to know the local lifestyle and architecture of the eras.

Stunning Beaches

Pakistan has a coastline of 1046 km, which means plenty of sandy beaches, rocky lagoons and high cliffs. Even only less than twenty per cent of the coastal area has been explored, of which twenty per cent, less than five per cent is polluted, which means that most of the available beaches are still unpopulated clean.

But when the words beach and Pakistan are spoken, the first thought that usually comes to mind is Sea View and Hawkes Bay, but there are so much more than just these two seaside picnic places. There are many such amazing places on the Pakistani coast. You can check Lahore to Karachi air ticket prices at any time and get your flights if you want to visit any of these beaches.

There are many stunningly beautiful and picturesque beaches in Sindh and Baluchistan. The irony is that despite being very clean and despite receiving a healthy amount of sunshine, these beaches have not become major tourist attractions. If you are wondering where to enjoy the waves of the Arabian Sea. There are more or less 17 beaches in Pakistan such as Clifton Beach, Hawke’s Bay, Sandspit Beach, Astola Beach and Paradise Point.

Beautiful Mosques

Mughals appointed some of the most skilled craftsmen to come up with mosques that are the epitome of architecture and artistry. The Shah Jahan Mosque in Sindh is made entirely of marble and is another miracle ordered by Shah Jahan. Gol Masjid in Karachi has one massive dome with minarets and intriguing calligraphy that intertwine, creating a feast for the eyes. The Badshahi Mosque, Shah Faisal Mosque and Wazir Khan Mosque are other jewels in Pakistan that cannot be missed.

Nature’s of Baltistan

You have certainly heard about this almost as many times as you asked about the reasons for visiting Pakistan. The Gilgit-Baltistan region looks like paradise, with heavenly, snowy peaks, the skimming rivers of Gilgit and Hunza. The undisturbed nature of this region is a magnet for someone who wants to get off the beaten track to discover beauty.

People from Punjab take their flights to Gilgit Baltistan to truly watch for themselves the heaven on earth.

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The Karakoram, also known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, is 1,300 kilometres long highway, which starts from the Punjab province in Pakistan to the Khunjerab Pass in Gilgit-Baltistan, where it crosses China, becoming the Chinese National Highway 314. The height of the Karakoram Range is 4,714 meters, which means the way is treacherous, but if you dream about it, you’ve found your way.

Land of Sufi Music

Sufi music sparkles magic, and watching a live concert is an amazing experience. When artists from various rural and urban centres come together to create music that moves your soul. The melodies of the flute, tabla and harmonium harmonize, creating sounds and notes known for over a thousand years.

Cultural Diversity

Although Pakistan is a relatively small country in terms of size, cultural diversity and harmony between them leave you overwhelming. Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashtun, Baloch, Kashmiri and Hindko belong to the main ethnic communities in the country, each with its own distinctive heritage. Cultural diversity also indicates the possibility of not only interacting with various ethnic groups but also participating in various festivals throughout the year.

World’s tastiest Biryani

All Biryani lovers, unite! The combination of spices and herbs could not have become more magical. While wandering around Pakistan, you can try the tastiest biryanis. In fact, it’s not just Biryanis, Pakistani food that caused a storm among gourmets around the world, including chicken karahi, pilaf, tikka, keema and Chapli kebab.

Karachi and Lahore are very famous for this delicious dish. You can check Lahore to Karachi and get your tickets at affordable rates.

Colourful Buses and Trucks

Pakistani trucks and buses steal the show with their colorful and intricate decoration. The decor says a lot, it boasts of the rainbow color of Pakistan. When a truck passes you, you’ll have all the attention.


Pakistan is full of natural landscapes, something that tourists desire the most. If you haven’t yet visited Pakistan then plan your next trip to this beautiful country and book cheap flights. You will never regret the decision.

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