What to see in Morocco with Oman Airlines Flights?

Morocco is a North African country that has the influence of Arabia, European and Berber culture. Morocco offer an eye-opening perspective of the Arabian lifestyle. On one hand, it has deserts where the traditional Arabs live with their camels, and on the other, it has stunning heights, which are flooded by the trekking lovers.

Other than that, the country will also enable you to embark on a journey of tranquil and peaceful coastal villages. These villages showcase the attractive hillsides, fairy-tale forts, and the carefully-painted walls. The country has been attracting artists and designers for decades, and it will continue to do so in future. If you ever plan to witness the magical landscape of Morocco with Oman Airlines flights, here are the most amazing places to visit.

1.    Hassan II Mosque

It is not only a major point of interest but also a landmark building. It is symbol of unity and brotherhood for Muslims. This modern mosque was built in 1993. You will be surprised to know that it took about 10,000 artisans to complete the mammoth two-hectare site.

The amazingly carved marble pieces and attractive mosaics pay homage to the intricate Moroccan craftsmanship and the mastery over art. Though the mosque was built a number of years ago, it still looks modern and attracts the people from all across the country. So, you must visit the Hassan II Mosque to get the much-needed spirituality.

2.    Marrakesh Medina

The vibrancy of Morocco can be summed up by the buzz and commotion of Marrakesh Medina. It is a major tourist attraction because it is the place where almost half the city converges throughout the day. The stalls vendors, random acrobats, and the traditional musicians ensure the enjoyment for all the visitors.

Once you enter the place, you will feel that you have come inside a narrow maze that has a number of alleyways. The colorful houses and the noisy local here will excite your nerves. And when you feel tired, you can head to a nearby hotel to check the delicious Moroccan meals.

3.    Bab Al-Mansour

It is nothing short of a mammoth gateway.  Bab Al Mansour is well-known for its stunning decoration. Actually, it was erected to protect the Meknes Imperial City from the invaders. It still glorifies the might of Sultan that had ruled over the kingdom. It is believed that the gate is the grandest and the best preserved gateway in the country.

The best time to come here is late afternoon as you would have the opportunity to capture the photos of gate in soft light. Thereafter, you can wander around the nearby places to explore how the area has developed over the years.

4.    Asilah

Asilah is a place of sandy and sunny beaches. It is located on the country’s North Atlantic coast and is a favorite hotspot for the people in summer. People come here with their families to bask in the sun and play different games on the sandy beaches.

Apart from enjoying in the lively beaches, you would also be able to observe the colorful walls covered in the beautiful murals. In August every year, a vibrant Arts Festival is held here. So, never miss to endure the bustling charm of this festival if you come here in August. The young tourists will find several areas of interest in this festival.

5.    Meknes with Cheap Flights

Though this place has an old and traditional look, it is still worth-visiting. Meknes situated on the northern part of Morocco and is famous for the ruins and remnants of 9th century. When you come here, you will notice ancient architecture and the decayed walls, which depict that the area was once inhabited by the royalty.

There is also a royal palace here, but now it has turned into ruins. You will also get an opportunity of the guided tours where you guide will reveal the historical significance of the place. So, you must come here to go back to the ancient times. Acquiring cheap flights booking not only releases the financial burden from your shoulders, it also enables you to manage your chores comprehensively.

6.    High Atlas

Terming this place a paradise for trekkers would not be an overstatement. It is the highest mountain range in North Africa and is immensely popular among the thrillers who want to play with the ice. It is flooded by the adventurists from spring to autumn as the terrain becomes ideal for the trekking activities during this time.

The terrain runs roughly for 1000 kms and its peaks act as a robust weather barrier. You can reach here either through taxi or a bus. The dazzling mountain scenery and the snow-covered paths will surely give you goose bumps. If you have any queries in your mind regarding the traveling places in Morocco, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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